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Nutrition & Wellness

We all have great memories of physical accomplishments achieved in the Realm. From taking the courts for a fierce win against West End, to surviving one of Jamie’s Abs Classes, to successfully summiting Mt. Washington, many of us come home from the summer sporting hard-earned RH Dog Tags which we now wear with pride.

We understand the importance of exercise and activity, and know that sound nutrition further enables these physical feats.

According to a recent article on, “Children around the world are less aerobically fit than their parents were as kids”. In addition, it goes on to explain that children today take 90 seconds longer to run a mile than kids did 30 years ago and children’s aerobic fitness has declined by 5% since 1975. Weight and body mass index have also increased.

So what’s changed since the 1970’s? Well, a lot has changed, but when it comes to the physical activity of children, one of the biggest changes has been the global presence/invasion of computers, internet access and video games. A stagnant lifestyle with little to no aerobic activity has been the consequence.

But this is not the case at Camp Robin Hood.

We are a health-minded leadership team that leads by example. We participate in (and lead) many of the activities, encouraging and celebrating campers and staff alike every step of the way in their physical endeavors. Nutrition is also a big focus in the Realm. Food is plentiful with ample choices, but unbeknownst ┬áto many of the campers, it’s fantastically healthy. Fruits and vegetables are abound at all meals, meat is lean and whole grains are dominant. Nothing is fried, and sugary treats are offered typically just once a day. Hydration is also strongly emphasized. We fuel our bodies well to support the active culture we have created.

Good health extends past food and nutrition. We have a smoke-free camp, sunscreen is applied liberally and often, and sleep is valued. To ensure that our staff is well-versed on our health philosophies, we screen them before hire to ensure they are active and health-oriented, plus they receive a thorough training on this topic during pre-camp orientation.

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