Good evening from the Realm! As we approach the end of the summer, groups will be making their final out of camp trips. Today, the Saxons spent the morning at Chuck’s house and ate lunch with him; the Scouts, Tumblers, and TPJs had a pizza picnic on the green in Conway; the Quills and Archers went to Cozy Corner; and the Yeomen played mini golf and went to Pizza Barn.
Activities at camp are back in full swing and everyone is making the most of their time left at Robin Hood. As Woody said earlier today, the energy at camp feels the same as it was at the beginning of the summer. The day was wrapped up in girls camp with the Scribe speeches, which were extremely powerful. Everyone is eager to not waste a minute and we are looking forward to an exciting last few days!

​Sweet Dreams from The Realm

Getting back in the groove

Greetings from the Realm!

We’re writing to you as we near the end of a very deserved Lazy Sunday. After five intense days of color war, today has been about getting back into the groove of regular activities and trying to soak up every last minute before closing day. 

Last night, before song night, the six captains gave speeches to the campers, staff, and returning judges about their deep love and appreciation for camp. Here are two excerpts from the speeches, the first by Sarah Woodstein and the second by Chris Burgess:

‘That summer I began to understand and appreciate the essence of time. To the girls who have ever felt out of place, I can assure you that I was in the same place as you. I am a firm believer that a day at camp is truly wasted if you aren’t treading water for a ridiculous amount of time at the waterfront, dancing like a mad person at snack, doing the loudest drum roll before EA is announced, listening to all of your bunkmates with respect during evening circle, and carrying yourself with kindness.’

‘I can’t express how much of an impact this place has had on me, knowing I have a second home on the other side of the world I can escape to and not worry about the fears of the real world.’

Sweet dreams from the realmGetting 

Green and White Day 4

Greetings from the Realm!

Two Green and White judges, Jamie Levine and Marjorie Kozloff here. Day Four of Green and White concluded with an epic talent show. The campers showed off their creative skills tonight with thoroughly rehearsed dances, hilarious skits, and beautifully performed songs.

Earlier in the day, we judged the Friars in gaga. What was even more impressive than their intensity in the pit was their sportsmanship and ability to come together as one group in the end.

Judging these kids immediately brought us back to our war in 2016. We grew up in the same group, and after 11 years in the realm together, we became the best of friends. Going head to head in the most intensive five days of our lives wasn’t always easy, but we never lost sight of the bond we strengthened by going through it together.

We have watched the entire camp compete against their best friends for the last four days. They are learning that they can run beside their best friend fighting each other for the ball on the soccer field, and after the final whistle, walk back to their bunk arm in arm. Camp is a place where your biggest competitor is also your biggest fan.

Sweet Dreams from the Realm

Green and White Day 3

Greetings from the Realm!

Eliza, Samantha, Hannah, Marissa, and Jill here. We’re visiting judges at camp for Green and White. This is our favorite part of each summer and we feel fortunate to spend time with our favorite people in our favorite place.

Here are some highlights from our time here: counselors running alongside campers during the track meet to encourage them to finish strong, great sportsmanship at arrow gaga, and a competitive and fun swim meet. It’s been a great color war so far and we’re excited to see what days 4 and 5 bring.

Judges (former counselor captains) played volleyball, swam, and enjoyed every minute back in the Realm. Chuck and Jeremy calculated the total years we’ve spent at camp…. a total of 863 years! We’re looking forward to welcoming this year‘s counselor captains as judges at the end of color war!

Sweet dreams from the Realm