Things are rolling right along in the Realm as we head into the fourth week of the summer. This morning, our five youngest groups, the Scouts, Tumblers, TPJs, Jesters, and Squires set out on their excursions. The Archers and Bows are not far behind them as they’ll be leaving tomorrow. Meanwhile, the rest of camp is enjoying the wide array of activities that Robin Hood has to offer, particularly the waterfront, which was alive with a Senior Camp beach party this afternoon.

The sport of the day today was volleyball. Forest Acres brought a 15 and under team over to compete against the Shires, who emerged victorious in a best of five matchup. Rest hour after lunch featured a must-see 2 on 2 matchup with Cate and Maggie Shanahan up against Elizabeth Charney and Valentina Scarduelli, our volleyball counselor. The Shanahan sisters ended up winning a tight battle with most of the camp watching intently.

The First Annual Michelle Brockmann 3K Race also took place today before dinner. Archer Colton Stratman defended his previous victory by taking first place. Over 25 campers and staff completed the race in impressive time. Jonas’s Joggers are already looking forward to another 3K race in the future!

Sweet Dreams from The Realm

A Message from the Shire’s Group Leader

Hello from the Realm!

My name is Maren Butler and I am the Shire Group Leader this summer for a group of 22 wild, silly, and camp-loving fifteen-year-olds. It is absolutely unreal to think that just 6 years ago, I was in their exact same position. I can think back to my own Shire summer and picture so many fond memories with my own group.

Now in my fourth summer on staff and tenth summer in the Realm, I have gained a deep appreciation for the steady experience that every camper is lucky to live through each summer at camp. When I was in my own campers’ position back in 2014, I was an older role model for younger campers. I showcased the unbreakable bonds with my camp friends, allowing those younger campers to wish for the day that they would also be a Shire. I looked up to my own counselors, admired their leadership, and dreamed of the opportunity to someday fill their shoes as a Group Leader.

Fast forward six years, and along with the (ridiculously quick) passage of time, suddenly I have filled my counselors’ shoes and have become the Group Leader, the younger children are now Shires, and a whole new set of campers have entered the Realm and are beginning their journey through the magic of camp. I cannot believe how quickly my time has flown by; it feels like yesterday that I was on the stage in the So-You-Think-You-Can-Dance show, in the lake learning how to waterski during intensives, or chatting with my group in a circle with flashlights at night. I am so lucky to currently have the opportunity to give my campers the same experience I had at camp. I’ve realized that this place has shaped me into the person that I am today. It’s the moments through your camper years that give you the most valuable life lessons imaginable.

I hope that one day, my campers this summer will also be Group Leaders, will also realize the power of camp, and may even be able to pass down some of the tools of leadership that they have picked up on at their time at Robin Hood to future generations. Camp’s legacy is unprecedented, and every camper is lucky to have joined the incessant cycle of the powerful Robin Hood experience.

Sweet Dream from The Realm

Robin Hood Gives Back Day 2019

Every year we appreciate how lucky we are to spend our summers in Freedom, NH at Camp Robin Hood. We wanted to develop a program to remind us of our good fortune by sharing camp with others and learning from their stories. That is why Robin Hood Gives Back Day was created!

To begin our special day for summer 2019, a group of 16 campers and 9 staff members woke up early to travel to a neighboring town to participate in Tunnels to Towers 5k Run. All proceeds go to the Stephen Siller Tunnels to Towers Foundation, a foundation that aids our military and first responders. The race honors Stephen, a firefighter that lost his life as a firefighter on September 11, 2001.

Today was a phenomenal day at camp as we celebrated Giving Back Day 2019 with Pam Landwirth, president and CEO of Give Kids The World (GKTW.)  This amazing 86-acre non-profit resort in Central Florida provides children with life-threatening illnesses and their families with an unforgettable experience together away from hospitals and treatments. GKTW has impacted the lives of more than 175,000 families so far.

Pam began her visit last night by having dinner with the Scribes, where she got to know each camper individually and spoke with them about exploring their passion. This morning, Pam accompanied the Scribes to Story Land, where they had the opportunity to meet and engage with nine families from New Hampshire and Maine who had been served by GKTW.  This was a very impactful experience, as the Scribes had the chance to hear their stories and learn about the impact GKTW had on their lives. The Scribes each partnered with all the children and enjoyed time together on the rides at the park, which is one of 16 parks around the U.S. that are participating in the Coasting For Kids fundraiser for GKTW.

  • Pam Landwirth, president and CEO of Give Kids The World (GKTW)

Back at camp, Pam spoke with campers about finding their passion and using their talents to help others. She challenged each of them to identify three things they excel at and think about how they can use those skills to give back and help others.  Afterward, the senior campers made friendship bracelets to give to the families at GKTW, while the junior campers wrote notes to the families. Everyone then joined together for the Color Run as a fundraiser for GKTW.

From start to finish, this year’s Giving Back Day was an extraordinary, very meaningful opportunity for campers and staff to gain perspective on what is important in life, have empathy and compassion for those who are experiencing challenges, and remember how important it is to be kind and help others.  We are grateful to Pam for making the day so memorable, and encourage anyone interested in learning more about GKTW to visit

Sweet Dreams from The RealmRobin

Friday’s at Camp Robin Hood

We had another Fabulous Friday here in the Realm. Everyone stayed in camp today as we intentionally left it open in case we needed to switch our Beach Day due to rain.

All activity areas were buzzing. The ski boats ran non-stop, people were riding horses, making projects at arts and crafts, playing field sports and practicing for our annual show that will take place tomorrow evening in the theater… So You Think You Can Dance! I saw a few of them and they are spectacular! Stay tuned for pictures tomorrow night!

This evening we hosted the largest number of guests ever at our weekly Shabbat service. I love listening to the kids talk about what they are thankful for and reflecting on their week here at camp. The reflection will continue tomorrow as we celebrate Robin Hood Gives Back Day. We will listen to our guest speaker and then help raise money through various events here on camp and we will finish by making some gifts in Arts and Crafts to send to the children affiliated with her charity. I don’t want to give away the theme so I will stop here – you will read more about this in tomorrow’s edition of the Woodchuck. Until then – sweet dreams from the Realm.

Annual Tradition: Beach Day 2019

Good evening from the Realm! Today we had one of our best annual traditions: beach day! The campers woke up early, had a big breakfast, and the entire camp loaded up on busses and vans headed towards Ogunquit Maine by 8am!

Although the weather wasn’t perfect, we definitely didn’t let that put a damper on the mood. Campers were in the water all day, stuffing their faces at the boardwalk, and playing all sorts of activities on the beach up until the very last possible minute! It was a without a doubt one of the most successful beach days I can remember!

Beach day is always one of the best days of the summer, and this year was no different. It’s always amazing to watch the entire camp come together as one and participate in the same activity. The entire day went on without a hitch, and we’re already counting down the days until beach day 2020!

Sweet dreams from the realm!