What a few days it has been up here! Two nights ago for the first time in a long while I went to the West End basketball game with our 15U team. This team is very special to me. A few of the players’ fathers were my campers who I coached 37 years ago at the same camp. Going back to our arch rival’s home court brought back memories for me – both good and bad. CRH has taken its licks in this often one sided rivalry. But our boys came to play and after a few minutes of nerves we won by 40 points. Watching their campers scream and yell brought me back to the first must see West House game in 1984. We made it to the finals – in spite of my coaching and after a call to Director John Klein and Program Director David Solomon who is now my partner and camp co- owner. The entire senior camp arrived to cheer us on in the finals. They barged through the door in the middle of warm ups and help cheer our boys to a win I will never forget.

Today at camp we had some much needed rain that lasted from lunch until bedtime. We were still able to send 2 groups to the beach and 3 groups to the movies this morning. This is our first more than 10 minute sprinkle since camp started. That’s great news for our campers but awful news for our grass. You will see for yourselves this Saturday. Today’s rain allowed us to relax this afternoon. Of course as only we can at camp – the afternoon was filled with ping pong tournaments/indoor movies and outdoor games on our athletic fields. Dinner tonight was a giant dance party in the dining hall.

Our four oldest groups just left for the bowling alley we have rented twice a week since pre-camp. We are getting the kids and staff out of camp but in a controlled environment. We rent the entire movie theater before they open to the public for a 9am screening. Beach days are now 2 groups at a time unlike past summers where the entire camp went at once. We also test every employee of the other establishments we rent out. It has gotten the kids a much needed sense of the old days while allowing our staff, who we chauffeur in our vans, to also control their days and nights off. This summer has been about taking our foot off the brakes a little while testing enough to allow me to sleep at night.

Without sounding political after having the Governor at the Realm last Friday I follow Ronald Reagan’s great quote – “Trust but verify …..”

See you all Saturday for the first visiting day since 2019….


We awoke to another beautiful day int eh realm. Yensi got us off to a great start with French toast and bacon for breakfast. Breakfast is an important way to start the day!

Then the campers headed back to their bunks for cleanup, which is then followed by inspection.


Today is our first intercamp game of the season and it’s a BIG one – our annual West End game which has been sadly missed the last 2 years. The first basketball game is always held there and then at a later date, it will be held here at Robin Hood. Things are a bit different this year. Usually, we send most senior camp groups to watch and cheer on our players, but this year it will only be Saxons and scribes to watch. Usually, the games are held in their field house, but this year it will be held outside. Playing in their fieldhouse was always a thrill with all the cheering from our crew…always very loud and always exciting!

This year because of covid, all our players and coaches plus spectators have been tested by Dr. Arash before boarding the bus and the same thing is happening there.  There has been cheers in the dining hall since night one, “BEAT WEST END” Here’s hoping for a win! Our team consists of Foresters and Saxons and they have been practicing all week. They are ready and anxious for the game and for a win.


Arts and crafts is a favorite activity for all groups with the most popular item being making friendship bracelets, but today was busy with shirts being made for tonight’s game. Lots of green paint on white T shirts, plus posters were made to take to the game.


Here at camp each day we have a snack at 4pm at the dining hall. There is always fresh fruit, apples, oranges and bananas. This time in the afternoon brings all of the campers together for a break from activities. This gets us through until dinner. Activities that follow snack time are usually challenges between groups and maybe ends in a candy canteen before bed and taps.

In my earlier woodchuck I mentioned we had 13 campers taking a lifeguard course, which they all passed! Quite an accomplishment!


So ends another day in the Realm. Good night from CRH

What a day here at the Realm. We were honored to welcome NH Governor Chris Sununu at camp today. The Governor joined us a guest speaker at our annual Robin Hood Gives Back Day. I told the campers that thanks to his leadership and understanding of science we were able to open camp in 2020. The last time a NH Governor attended a camp event was in 1948 after a fire destroyed our entire camp the previous fall. I told the Governor that we just finished up our biggest expansion in facilities since the fire. He was eager to hear about all we did this off season but really wanted to hear from the kids about the summer. He was totally engaged with the kids in our 30 minute drive around camp. I told the campers to thank him for allowing us to open in 2020. I explained how he waited until the last minute to make his announcement that year. He followed the science and created difficult but not impossible rules for us to follow. He did not rush to make an easy decision to close like most of the east coast governors but instead listened to experts and understood the importance of children’s mental health. He agreed with us here at the Realm that kids needed the freedom from covid. Opening in 2020 was the best decision of my life.

Today was not a political event but a celebration of leadership and a chance for our kids to learn about making tough decisions. He risked his political career by allowing us to open because it was the right thing to do. I told the kids that most times the right choice is the hardest one to make. Real leadership is listening to those around you and using common sense. Every choice we make here is driven by the goal of making every member of our family safe and happy.

I reminded the campers how lucky we are to be able to spend the summer together. Being a camp is a privilege not an entitlement. Because of your support we are all lucky enough to spend our summers here at the realm – and as the song says, far from strife and care….

Thanks so much for your trust and support –



Greetings from The Realm! What a fantastic time we have been having. 

Yesterday, we sent out the Arrows and Lancers to Ogunquit, Maine! It was a perfect day for the beach. Kids could lay out on their towels, go to the boardwalk, eat beach food and ice cream, and swim in the ocean. The water was absolutely freezing, but that did not stop anybody. It was a blast!!!! They returned to The Realm, ready for the big performance of So You Think You Can Dance. It was such an amazing day. 

This morning we had the Bows, Archers, and Quills load up on a bus at 9:00 am and go to the movies to see the new and popular film, Minions: The Rise of Gru! After popcorn, soda, and good laughs, they came back with huge smiles on their faces, excited to tell us all about the movie. This was not the first group to go to the movies, and it will not be the last. The kids absolutely love going to the movies; it is a fun, relaxing activity for them to switch up their everyday routines. 

Although the afternoon was a little rainy, that did not stop the fun. Kids were still playing out on the fields, making bracelets, and creating unforgettable rainy day memories. The sun started to shine again by the end of the day, and we ended the night with a delicious dinner and an evening activity. Once the evening activity wrapped up, our Saxons and Scribes played an intense game of Ultimate Frisbee under the lights! 

That’s all from The Realm! We hope you are all having an incredible summer like we are, and we will check back in soon!


Hello once again, Robin Hood family! Camp has still been as active as ever with our days
full of energy from all of our groups. Recently, campers have been lucky enough to experience
the natural beauty of New England from outside the camp grounds, in the form of mountain
hikes and beach trips. These trips really give each individual group the time and space to have
their own bonding opportunities to look forward to and enjoy. Our dedicated and detail-oriented
staff are an integral factor in making sure these trips are effective and go off smoothly, which is
shown in the memories that these kids will have for a lifetime.
Last night, the whole camp gathered in the theater to watch our annual “So You Think
You Can Dance” show, which is often one of our most anticipated performances of the entire
summer. Each group has spent the past week working with our dance staff to choreograph, mix
music to, and execute a group dance to be performed on the big stage in front of the rest of
camp! It was absolutely wonderful to see the level of energy our campers out into the dances and
their support for each other, but what truly stood out from yesterday was the support and
encouragement shown from our ever-impressing staff. Their energy and passion for seeing their
campers take advantage of the spotlight is our bread and butter. They work so hard to make sure
each child feels like a star, and they do it well. All our campers worked so hard to make these
dances happen and to see that encouragement from their counselors is so important for them and
for us.
That’s all for today, Robin Hood families! Take care and we will check back in soon!