Summer 2021
Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to send my child to camp?

We believe that camp is one of the safest places kids can be at the moment! Our COVID-19 response plan has been compiled after exhaustively reviewing guidelines from the American Camp Association (ACA) and other health agencies, as well as doctors, local officials, and the New Hampshire Department of Health.

Our campers will have little or no contact with the outside world, and between all of the outdoor time and our enhanced health and safety protocols, we are confident campers will have a safe, fun, and memorable camp experience.

Will it be possible for campers to maintain social distancing?

Our protocols call for eliminating large gatherings, limiting activities to small groups, reducing the number of campers during meal times, and more. We are confident that we will be able to create a safe, secure, healthy "bubble" for our campers and staff in 2021 just as we did in 2020.

Will my camper be able to leave camp and return later?

In order to maintain our safe environment, all campers must arrive by June 23 and will not be able to leave and return. Medical emergencies and other extenuating circumstances will be evaluated on an individual basis. With few exceptions, staff members will also be required to stay at camp for everyone's health and safety.

What if a camper tests positive for COVID-19?

Our infirmary is being significantly upgraded, and additional medical staff will be added. Any campers (or staff members) who exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 or other infectious illness will be immediately placed in a separate isolation tent to prevent contact with other campers or staff. They will then be screened and tested, and those who test POSITIVE will be sent home or to a local hospital/medical facility immediately as determined in consultation with the camper's family.

What will the dining hall look like this summer?

Mealtime has always been a great time for campers and staff to foster camaraderie, hear announcements, and make friends. These traditions will remain; however, we will be separating tables, reducing the number of campers at each table, and providing two large tents outside the dining hall to enable campers to enjoy their meals while adhering to social distancing protocols. These methods worked well in 2020 and we anticipate the same success in 2021. We will also be enhancing sanitation and kitchen staff protocols, eliminating the salad bar and other self-serve options, and taking other precautions to ensure that campers can safely eat and socialize.

What about shared items at camp?

Campers will be instructed not to share personal items, clothing, etc. As for sports equipment and activity materials, every item will be thoroughly sanitized before and after every use. Hand washing/sanitizing stations will be available in every building and activity area, and campers and staff will be required to wash their hands a minimum of every 60 minutes as well as before and after every activity. Additionally, campers may bring their own life vests to camp as an extra precaution.

Will COVID-19 protocols be enforced the entire summer?

We will strictly enforce all social distancing and other precautionary measures for the protection and welfare of campers and staff at the start of camp. However, each of these protocols will be evaluated and modified, if needed, after 14 days without an infection. Health and safety protocols and a medical update will be communicated to parents on a daily basis.

What resources will be available if my child becomes concerned about COVID-19?

Our counselors maintain very close relationships with the campers in their groups and are available to talk at any time. Campers who may feel uneasy or anxious about the current pandemic will be encouraged to discuss their feelings confidentially with our counselors and/or medical staff. We will also have additional resources to deal with any camper concerns this summer.

Will camp have the same feel as in past summers?

Camp Robin Hood takes a great deal of pride in delivering a wholesome, fun, safe, adventurous, tech-free, and memorable camp experience, and this summer will be no different. Despite the many enhancements we are making to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of campers and staff, we will maintain the same hallowed traditions and cherished legacies as we have provided for 93 summers. We will laugh together, share camaraderie, make lifelong friendships, learn new skills, and enjoy activities that promote health and wellness as well as teamwork and cooperation.

Will there be any inter-camp competition this summer?

Unfortunately, out of an abundance of caution, campers will remain on the premises all summer. Most trips, including beach day and inter-camp competitions have been canceled.

Will there be a Color War?

Yes! Color War is a beloved tradition at Camp Robin Hood, and while it may look a little different this year to adhere to social distancing and enhanced health protocols, it will happen.


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Summer 2021
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