2023 Camper Travel Instructions

We encourage families to arrange their travel plans as early as possible so campers are able to travel together. Please review all of the information below, particularly regarding travel to/from camp and direction on camper baggage.

Please also be reminded that circumstances surrounding COVID could affect travel plans. We will continue to follow the science and keep you updated if any changes need to be made with regard to transportation options.

Group Flights. (All schedules are subject to change!)
• These group flights are scheduled for June 24 and August 9, 2023. (With the exception of Denver/LAX/SFO flights arriving June 23.)
We will ONLY be able to send staff members to meet/drop campers from/to the following flights.
• It is always our recommendation to book your child as an unescorted minor. If there are unexpected layovers, the airline is responsible for the safety and wellbeing of your child.

Delta 3701
Depart Chicago 7.00am
Arrive Boston 10.19am
American AA1457
Depart Boston 12:23pm
Arrive Chicago 2:20pm
American AA9408 / JetBlue B62040
Depart Cleveland 11.27am
Arrive Boston 1.08pm
Jetblue B6 641
Depart Boston 3.05pm
Arrive Cleveland 5.05pm
American AA2152
Depart Washington 9am
Arrive Boston 10:41am
AA9216/Jetblue B61855
Depart Boston 12.00pm
Arrive Washington 1.45pm
Jetblue B6526
Depart Baltimore 9.08am
Arrive Boston 10.32am
Delta DL5811
Depart Boston 11.51am
Arrive Baltimore 1:37pm
Delta DL1401
Depart Fort Lauderdale 10.50am
Arrive Boston 2:20pm
Delta DL2675
Depart Boston 3:35pm
Arrive Fort Lauderdale 6:55pm
United UA361
Depart Denver 8:03am
Arrive Boston 2:05pm
United UA414
Depart Boston 11:46am
Arrive Denver 2:20pm
American AA1632
Depart Los Angeles 7am
Arrive Boston 3.42pm
American AA9516
Depart Boston 4:20pm
Arrive Los Angeles 7:38pm
American AA7518 Operated by Alaska 356
Depart San Francisco 7:40am
Arrive Boston 4:36pm
United UA1187
Depart Boston 1:45pm
Arrive San Francisco 5:14pm

• PLEASE NOTE: All flights should arrive into Boston Logan Airport. If your child will be flying on a flight NOT listed above then they will need to be accompanied by an adult and should plan to meet the "Boston Bus" (see below)

Please Contact Us if you have any questions regarding air travel.

Notes For All Air Travelers:

  • There is a $250 roundtrip/$125 one-way charge for transportation to/from Boston Logan Airport on the following designated travel days: June 23, June 24, July 23 and August 9.
  • On non-designated travel days, there is a $350 roundtrip/$175 one-way charge for transportation to/from Boston Logan Airport.
  • Please let us know about your travel plans by completing the online Transportation Form.

Notes For International and West Coast Campers:

  • Campers coming from the West Coast or from abroad are permitted to arrive to camp Friday, June 23, 2023 (one day prior to Opening Day) to help them acclimate to the time change before camp officially begins.

Bus From New York and Connecticut:

  • We will be running a bus from New Rochelle, NY, through Westport, CT directly to camp on June 24. The approximate travel time is six hours. Escort staff will be on the buses.
  • There will be a bus returning campers to New Rochelle and Westport at the end of the full session only (August 9).
  • The cost is $400 roundtrip/$250 one-way.
  • Please sign up for the bus by completing the online Transportation Form.

  • Driving Directions to Bus Pickup Location in New Rochelle:
    Home Depot parking lot
    55 Weyman Ave, (Rte. 1)
    New Rochelle, NY 10805
    Get interactive driving instructions.
    The meeting time in New Rochelle is 8:30 am sharp. Please be there by that time.

    Take I95 to Exit 15 (New Rochelle/Pelhams). From the South: Take a right at the Exit. Turn right at the light onto Rte. 1. Home Depot is approximately 3 minutes on Rte. 1. From the North: Turn left at the light on to Rte. 1. Home Depot is approximately 3 minutes on Rte. 1.

  • Driving Directions to Bus Pickup Location in Westport:
    Get interactive driving instructions.
    Parking lot at Exit 17 (Westport) off I95. From the South: Turn left at the bottom of the ramp (Saugatuck Ave.) and enter parking lot on your immediate left. From the North: Turn right at the bottom of the ramp (Saugatuck Ave.), drive under I95 and turn into parking lot on your right.

    The meeting time in Westport is 9:20 am sharp. Please be there by that time.

Bus From Boston:

  • We will run transportation from Boston Logan Airport directly to camp on June 24. Departure time will be approximately 12.45pm (to be determined).
  • Transportation will be provided for campers returning to Boston on July 23, and August 9.
  • The cost is $250 roundtrip/$125 one-way; $350 roundtrip/$175 one-way for non-designated travel dates.
  • Please sign up for the bus by completing the online Transportation Form.

Driving to Camp

Parents driving their children to camp will receive an email as camp draws closer requesting them to choose a time to arrive at camp for drop-off, along with detailed instructions.
Parents picking up their children from camp should plan to arrive no later than 10:00 am, if possible.
See driving directions.

Camper Baggage

All campers traveling to/from camp via airplane or bus (other than campers traveling from/to abroad) need to ship duffels to/from camp. This should be done through Camp Trucking. Camp Trucking services the entire country plus Canada. Their prices are less than any other carrier, including UPS and Federal Express. Additionally, by shipping through Camp Trucking, there will be no issues with bags being lost or misplaced in transit to/from camp. Camp Trucking will ship bags home at the conclusion of the First Session and Full session.

  • You must write in big dark letters the name and group on all bags.
  • Soft duffels are recommended vs. hard trunks or boxes.
  • Parents driving their children may bring their duffels with them.
  • See additional travel information.