Day In The Life

A Day in the Life

Although rewarding and loads of fun, camp is a long day. Reveille goes off at 8:00am every day, and you will need to get your kids up and moving. Flag raising is at 8:25am, followed by breakfast and inspection. Two periods in the morning are followed by lunch, a rest hour, and three activity periods in the afternoon. A Free Swim follows afternoon activities, before dinner and evening activities conclude the day.

Several nights each week, counselors are assigned to remain in their bunks “on duty” to watch over their campers. When not “on duty” counselors will have the night to themselves on the campgrounds to work on their computers, talk on the phone, spend time with fellow staff members, or catch up on some sleep.

You will have one twenty-four-hour day-off each week (9:00AM – 9:00AM), as well as one ‘early-off’ (6:00PM – midnight), during which time you are free to leave camp to eat out, see a movie, or take a short trip.