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In The Jungle

Group Photo

Sometimes it all just works

Today was another special day in The Realm- Final Four Day.  Four teams – the Tigers, the Parrots, the Zebras and the Goldfish – spent the day battling for supremacy in a day filled with spirited competition from breakfast to dinner.

The Saxons and Scribes arranged the Dining Hall so that each team could sit together starting at breakfast.  All four teams came to the Flag Pole dressed in their team colors. The energy was amazing and I loved how the new campers seemed to relish the moment.  The Saxon and Scribe captains led their teams at pump ups and at team meetings, teaching them cheers and rallying their squads.  In a way, the day provided a little glimpse of what Color War is all about.

The teams played hard all day and enjoyed everything from 4 Way Tug O War to relays at the waterfront to Soccer to 4-Square.  We ended the day in the Barn as junior campers presented the murals they created and senior girls competed in a  dance-off.  The grand finale was a dance performed by the Saxons and Scribes, where they danced as separate teams and then all united together as a group at the end.  When the scores were tallied,the Parrots took the day. 

It was truly a rush walking around camp and seeing campers and staff alike completely engaged in the activities at hand.  And that’s the beauty of camp.  We bring a unique energy to everything that we do.  It was even more special to watch our oldest campers, the Saxons and Scribes, emerge as true leaders after we have seen them grow up here in The Realm.  I marvel at what energetic and responsible people these young adults have become and know that Robin Hood’s future is strong as we look forward to having these individuals on staff.

DC and I are so lucky to be here every day. It is amazing to watch both our campers and camp program evolve each year.


Robin Hood Gives Back

Three years ago, we brainstormed during the winter about ways to enable camp to have a broader, more meaningful impact on our campers.  We know that camp is fun and that the kids love being here, but we also want campers to appreciate the boundless opportunities and advantages in life that they have.

In 2012, Woody discovered The Pihcintu Multicultural Chorus, which is comprised of young women refugees from all over the world.  Through music, these young women have adapted to new cultures and reclaimed their lives.  We invited a group of girls to spend the day at Robin Hood, and the experience proved to be extremely memorable for both Chorus members and campers.  The girls enjoyed lunch, spent some quality time with campers in girls’ camp, played gaga, did arts and crafts, swam, and enjoyed a cookout on the beach.  After dinner, they performed for us, which was very special.

Last year, we partnered with Dare2Tri Paratriathlon Club, a group that serves youths, adults and injured service members. Its mission is to provide athletic opportunities for disabled individuals and to inspire the community at large.  Six amazing Dare2Tri members spent a few days at camp with us, running, biking and doing the island swim with us.  Our guests made deep impressions on our campers, demonstrating how to face challenges with positive attitudes and determination.

We are excited to share with you our plans for this summer.  Today, Paul Frase will be visiting camp to help inspire campers.  Paul grew up just 45 minutes away in Concord and played football at Syracuse.  He went on to a hugely successful career in the NFL, having played for the New York Jets, Jacksonville Jaguars, Baltimore Ravens and the Super Bowl Green Bay Packers.  More importantly, Paul founded the Joshua Frase Foundation in honor of – and now in memory of – his son, Joshua, who died four years ago at the age of 15 following a life-long battle with the congenital disease myotubular myopathy (MTM). In addition to raising funds to help find a cure for MTM, the Foundation supports the families whose lives are affected by this terrible disease.  Paul will speak with the campers, and then over the course of the day, each group will participate in a walk in memory of these special children.  If you would like to learn more about the Joshua Frase Foundation, or if you would like to honor your child by making an online donation in his/her name in support of the walk on Giving Back Day, please visit

We feel strongly that it is crucial for our children to not only appreciate the advantages that they have but also to develop empathy for others and to understand the importance of giving back.  What better place to be inspired than right here amidst the magic in the trees.