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How Attending Summer Camp Better Prepares Children For College

Did you know that attending summer camp might prepare you better for college? A recent article on NBC News mentions that children who attended sleepaway camp learn valuable life skills and lessons not gained through studying. We are thrilled to be teaching important lessons at The Realm that will help children throughout their lives.

10393865_10153425643089836_2228166045174318543_nA summer at Camp Robin Hood may not help you ace your college calculus class, but experts say being away from home when you’re younger can help you ease into college life. Students who attended sleepaway camp have experience at a younger age with leaving home for the first time, resolving roommate conflicts, problem solving in class group projects and apt at living with students of diverse background.

Though summer camp experiences don’t often make it onto college applications, college admissions counselor Sara Harberson of Admissions Revolution believes they could still serve applicants well.

“The memories and lessons students have from summer camp will imbue them with a genuineness and adaptability which may come through in unpredictable ways in their essays, letters of recommendation, and interviews,” Harberson said. “Most importantly, their approach to the college process and their choices about how to spend their remaining summers are usually quite thoughtful, because they have a taste of what it means to be happy with their surroundings. That might make going to camp as a younger child priceless in the end.”

A summer at Camp Robin Hood is full of wonderful experiences that help children develop confidence while creating lifelong memories and friendships.