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The Rain Can’t Keep Us Down

Greetings from Camp Robin Hood!

Following the week one mark of summer 2019, we enjoyed a relaxing Lazy Sunday morning and began activities at 10am today. Senior campers had the opportunity to bond with their groups in the cabins, girls camp, boys camp, and on the freshly mowed central quad; junior campers continued the first round of their intensives, including but not limited to basketball, swimming, soccer, tennis, ceramics, painting, and drama. While morning periods ran, our Quills went out on an incredible nature hike before returning to camp in the early afternoon.

A storm came in prior to lunch, but that didn’t stop us! We ate in the dining hall and danced to music until the rain calmed. Afterwards, senior camp boys played indoor basketball, senior camp girls played in girls camp, and junior campers geared up for color war by practicing the infamous tradition of cracker eating in the theater with the Head of Boys Camp, Sam Jonas, and our Program Director, Julia Cohen. When the sun started to shine again, our group leaders came together to lead campers to awesome activities on our fields; kids were playing kickball, ultimate frisbee, red rover, and soccer!

We’ll enjoy our Sunday ice cream sundaes for dessert tonight before heading to the theater to watch The Greatest Showman for a VERY special event on the agenda tomorrow… the circus is coming to Robin Hood!!! We look forward to sharing more details about the experience in tomorrow’s

Sweet dreams from the Realm

Day 7 in the Realm

It was a BIG day here at the REALM. I will be brief this evening as I am running out of the office to say good night to our campers then attending a Green and White meeting at my house.  Shhhh

The sun was out all day and we took full advantage of it. Today was the first day of Intensives, the Bards and Shires hiked a mountain together, and we had 4 ski boats running on the lake. Our 15U basketball team traveled to West End for the official start of our intercamp athletic season and I had the honor of being the Master of Ceremonies at the BEST junior camp talent show ever. I am always amazed at how talented our campers are.

My personal highlight was watching our staff cheer on the junior campers during the talent show.  They were beaming from ear to ear like proud parents.  After one full week I am delighted to say we are ONE big happy family.

I have the greatest job in the world and cannot that you enough for sharing your kids with me

Sweet dreams form the REALM


Day 6 in The Realm

The weather today was amazing here in Freedom NH! It was warm (almost hot), gentle breeze and blue skies – the perfect kind of weather to launch the Camp Robin Hood Challenge Cup! This morning all of the groups in camp faced off against the groups above and below them in all kinds of activities. There were games of bombardment, gaga, volleyball, basketball, a backwards scavenger hunt, sandcastle-building, lip sync battles and more. This marked day one of the competition. The points will be tallied and at a later date in the summer we will start round 2 of the Challenge Cup. We can’t wait to see which group will prevail!!

After the Cup we surprised junior and middle camp groups with a trip to the Sanford Mainers Game. They are a college league baseball team that invites us to come see them play every year. The campers get to meet the players and talk with them. It is a beautiful night for a little baseball. Let’s hope we win!

Senior camp headed down to the waterfront for an afternoon beach party while the others were boarding the buses. They got to listen to music on the beach, swim and play in the water and just relax for a while.

After dinner the senior campers divided up – girls went to the waterfront and boys to the soccer field. The girls are currently doing sunset yoga and upon finishing will be making lavender and rice facemasks in the craft shack – a nice relaxing evening. The boys are playing Knockerball. It is a soccer game where you wear an inflatable bubble around your body and try to score a goal.  Please check out the pictures on the website – it is a bit hard to describe.

Hope you all had close to as much fun as we did today! Sweet Dreams from the Realm

A Note from Julia

Greetings from the Realm – it’s Gilban here!

What a beautiful day we had today in Freedom! I arrived late morning from NYC after closing out the school year and dismissing my students for a well-deserved summer. When I landed in Boston, the skies were gray and the air chillier than I’d anticipated, but the moment I stepped out of the car and onto camp grounds an hour later, the sun was shining, the air was warm, campers were happily up and about at activities, and I could hear music playing all around. Welcome home, I thought.

Despite many years as a camper at Robin Hood and after two years on staff, I felt nervous coming back and taking on an administrative role; I loved and cherished my time as both a camper and counselor, and I didn’t know what to expect for my experience at camp in a new position. After just a single day, my worries have faded. The beauty of Robin Hood is its traditions, comradery and inclusivity — all of which every person in camp, old or new, visibly takes part in. Throughout the day, I saw CITs holding younger campers on their backs, a previously homesick boy smiling and dancing in the dining hall, all of camp simultaneously belting out the chorus to “Shallow,” senior camp boys throwing frisbees on the quad, and middle camp girls listening to music as they made jewelry and created paintings… It is absolutely awesome being able to watch kids be kids, and I’m so grateful I get to be here to continue to be a part of this unique, incredible, welcoming family.

Even now as I’m writing this note, I can see campers running with smiles to their evening activities, I hear songs being sung from girls camp, laughs from the soccer field, and counselors making announcements to their campers over the loudspeaker: “Shires! The Hunger Games have begun! Head to the Cornicopia!!!” I can’t wait for many more days just like this one.

Sweet Dreams from The Realm
Julia Gilban-Cohen

Day 4 in The Realm

It’s getting to feel like home up here at The Realm after 5 incredible days. Today was definitely one for the record books! At breakfast, I announced a surprise Forester/Shire/Saxon/Scribe trip to Ogunquit Beach leaving just after the meal. My thoughts in the off season were to make these last years as campers feel more special, and to enhance the CIT experience. Following a drum roll, the dining hall went nuts as I called off the names of the groups going on the trip. Shortly after getting the camp hyped up, I announced another trip – that the Squires and Jesters were leaving to climb their own mountains right after bunk clean up. At this point, the dining hall was full of oos’s and ah’s and loud cheers. I remember sitting in the old dining hall as a juggler in 1973 waiting and hoping my groups name would be called by Andy Friedman, our camps founder. This is a great tradition here at CRH and I am beyond thrilled that it lives on to this day. Although the world has changed tremendously since then we still feel the same way as kids and it really shows.. Take away the screens and the homework and we all go right back to the same place in the trees.

The sun was out all day and with 6 groups out, everyone else took advantage of the open fields.  It’s truly amazing that after only 5 days of being all together, it feels so different with some of our brothers and sisters out for the day. We really are one big family……

We started our private in-camp lessons and held a special tennis clinic for campers looking to try out for teams back home, after the camp season ends. Our 13U girls basketball team is practicing hard for their opener next week as well as our 15 and 13U boys teams. The 14U girls volleyball team looks unbeatable and we are thrilled! Sign ups are also well under way for Saturday night’s big Junior Camp Talent Show performance, which we are looking forward to! We are running at full tilt here at the Realm and could not be more thrilled. Walking the bunks lines tonight was [as always] my personal highlight. Hearing everyone laugh, recapping their favorite parts of the day and saying goodnight makes the 10 long months of alone time worth it.

Thank you as alway for sharing your kids with me and The Realm. Cannot wait for tomorrow’s BIG day.

Sweet Dreams from The Realm