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Day 7 in the Realm

It was a BIG day here at the REALM. I will be brief this evening as I am running out of the office to say good night to our campers then attending a Green and White meeting at my house.  Shhhh

The sun was out all day and we took full advantage of it. Today was the first day of Intensives, the Bards and Shires hiked a mountain together, and we had 4 ski boats running on the lake. Our 15U basketball team traveled to West End for the official start of our intercamp athletic season and I had the honor of being the Master of Ceremonies at the BEST junior camp talent show ever. I am always amazed at how talented our campers are.

My personal highlight was watching our staff cheer on the junior campers during the talent show.  They were beaming from ear to ear like proud parents.  After one full week I am delighted to say we are ONE big happy family.

I have the greatest job in the world and cannot that you enough for sharing your kids with me

Sweet dreams form the REALM


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