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Thoughts from Woody

It’s hard to believe that we are 48 hours away from the busses pulling out and the end of summer 2016. The campers are walking and running around camp, making the most out of every second of each period.  The older kids are starting to cry and get that feeling — It’s a feeling that can only be explained by former or current campers. We call it “camp sickness.” How do we leave a place we love and travel back to the real world?  We have all gotten so used to having 24/7 playdates, entertaining ourselves and each other with nothing more than talking and playing. These friendships are not new anymore – they are deep and meaningful.  Give your kids a little space and do not be upset when the camp sickness described sets in.

Although Green and White ended just 3 days ago, we have been cruising since I read the scores. We sent 14 campers up Mt. Washington- taking another thing off our bucket list. We played every team sport as united group once again, and got into the water at every opportunity.  This place is amazing – our kids got right back into the swing of things before Green and White. Watching the energy and passion for five straight days of Color War has pulled us closer to the finish line. The kids have all accomplished so much this summer.

This is our last full day here at the Realm – I have to thank you all so much for trusting in us. Thanks so much for all of your support and again, thank you so much for sharing your children with us.  I cannot wait till the busses pull back in for the summer of 2017.


On Color War

Color War – 2016

In a word – WOW.
This unequivocally has been our best summer since Woody, Sol and I took the reins of the Realm,  so it should be no surprise it was also our best Color War.  We asked our Staff Captains to lead a spirited, passionate Green & White, and they did.  We asked our campers to compete with spirit, heart and sportsmanship, and they did.

Some of the new staff were surprised by the intensity of a summer camp competition.  We teach our campers many things throughout the summer; independence, relationship building and problem solving are among the lessons learned.  The lessons learned in Color War I believe are lessons our kids will take through them in life.  They compete hard but fairly, and working collaboratively as a team when everyone is all in produces fantastic results.  Regardless if there is a “win” at the end of the feat, the journey is satisfying and provides invaluable growth; growth that often cannot be duplicated in other facets of our lives.

Your children competed hard for five days.  They played team sports fatigued and with bumps and bruises.  They ran and swam long distances while exhausted, and pulled in the tug of war until there was nothing left in their tanks.  If it is true that most success stories start with a kid who hated to lose, we have many future success stories at Robin Hood.

We asked them to compete with Integrity and sportsmanship, to be humble winners and to accept defeat graciously.  I watched your children complement their opponents on the tennis courts and make proper line calls even if it meant losing key points.  I was refereeing an intense senior camp football game  – my view was blocked but a child admitted he dropped a touchdown pass when he hit the ground.  I also witnessed a child admit he was the last person to touch the basketball before it went out of bounds, even though it was overtime.

I talked to the campers on the last night of Color War about competition being more internal than about your opponents; that if you can be your best self when you compete, then you are a great competitor which will serve you well in life.  Based on what I witnessed during our Green and White, there were no losers.

Congratulations parents on raising some wonderful competitors.


A First Year Judge Perspective

It has been a great first three days of Green and White. Both teams have been fighting hard and competing with excellent sportsmanship. The four counselor captains have led one of the most intense wars in recent memory.

As first year judges the transition has been exciting yet difficult. Watching our campers and our friends play all day and night is nostalgic and we have found ourselves longing to be back out on the fields or cheering a team on. However as more and more judges trickle in, it is promising to know that we have this place forever.

Sweet dreams from The Realm,
Lainey and Matt

Rising through the Ranks: Reflections of a Green & White Judge

With each summer that passes, my last group of campers, the Jesters of 2011, make their way through the ranks of girls’ camp. These girls were my first junior camp group in a while and happily cheered me on through my captain summer. Truth be told, there are certain perks of working with junior campers: endless energy and enthusiasm, unpredictable teeth-brushing habits, and the fact that when you return to The Realm, there will be a solid contingent of campers who still remember you. Part of the reason I return to The Realm each summer is to see these girls and hear about all the things at camp that have changed, and more importantly, all those that have stayed the same.

This year, these girls are Shires. It’s been five years since they were my campers, and while I’m pleased to report that they are now, mostly, brushing their teeth, not too much else has changed. This fantastic group of campers approaches each activity with the same enthusiasm and joy that they exuded as ten and eleven year olds. They laugh their way through cracker eating, show tremendous sportsmanship in their athletic events, and walk through girls’ camp hand in hand, no matter what color their t-shirts may be.

That is one of the great parts of Green and White. No one has to explicitly instruct these girls to look out for the younger campers during staff events, or to put their heart into each activity; they’ve watched those that came before them, and are carrying on the traditions almost innately. Although these girls have grown up tremendously in the last five years, and gained some fantastic new bunk mates, they still cherish the traditions of Green and White. Looking around The Realm, it’s comforting to see the younger campers watching their lead, and knowing that when I return for Green and White in 2020, the traditions will still be going strong.

Sweet dreams from The Realm,


Green and White!


At 3:35 this afternoon, there was a rumble from the sky. A plane was in the distance, circling closer and closer to camp until the banner was finally legible: CAMP ROBIN HOOD – GREEN AND WHITE. A firetruck and police car led Chuck and Dick, who were on ATVs, into camp. Chuck and Dick, adorned in their traditional green and white garb, raced the camp to the waterfront and then back into the Chuck Illig Playhouse. At that point, our judges, hiding atop the sound ledge, jumped up and filled the barn with confetti and streamers. DC and Woody appeared from behind the curtains and Green and White 2016 had officially begun!

Our counselor captains were announced:  Arrow Group Leader Marjorie Kozloff, Lancer Group Leader Jake Meister, Friar Group Leader Robert Flaschner, and Scribe Group Leader Jamie Levine. Then our campers returned to their cabins to elect captains and co-captains. We reconvened in the dining hall for a final meal as whole groups and afterwards headed to the Chuck Illig Playhouse for the jellybean pick. Group by group the campers found out their teams and ultimately their counselor captains: Marj and Meister leading Green and Jamie and Flash leading White. In a new turn of events, we kicked off the war with an opening event of junior camp tug of war. It was a tie- 30 points Green and 30 points White. What a way to start the war!

Below you’ll find the official list of teams. Stay tuned for updates throughout the war!

captain Lyla Tower Noa Goldman
co Eliza Bloom Rebecca Ger
Julia Baumoel Lola Boudreau
Lauren Insul Aliyah Kasimov
Molly Kessler-Karp Camilla Merino
Alissa Long Sylvie Plouffe
Kamila Telemtayeva Sam Porres
captain Samantha Solomon Sabrina Hobert
co Linley Grosman Michelle Kanaan
Alex Benson Sabinna Aqualimpia
Lily Swidler Aviva Porres
Leni Wisnewski
captain Ella Jaffe Sydney Rodin
co Hillary Adelman Olivia ginsberg
Lily Collier Mia Bloom
Lily Drye Morgan Butler
Lia Johnson Olivia Goldman
Elizabeth Kriendler Julia Katz
Regina Lomedico Hannah Kessler-Karp
Maddie O’Neil Helen Krakoff
Ava Swidler Cate Shanahan
Alana Zitomer
captain Izzy Lightman Laurel Milacci
co Carly Segal Charlotte Wasserman
Andrea Aranda Tyler Aron
Casey Benson Jemma Fox
Carys Grabel Carly Gimbel
Dunia Sarkis Kiki Kops
Maya Shah Cassandra Merino
Lily Shafer Julia Rosen
Rosie Swidler Camille Skala
Daisy Swirsky Grace Wells
Jillian Zolot
captain Caroline Press Elisabeth Charney
co Sloane Chestler Claire Bloom
Jasmine Collier Berrett Huntsman
Millie Greenblatt Maddie Newman
Mackenzie Leary Maggie Shanahan
Grace Malley Riley Thompson
Nina Perlmutter Felicity Wood
Emily Raizen Jessie Zweifler
captain Billi Newmyer Dina Retik
co Olivia Skala Nyla Gilstrap
Molly Goldberg Haley Bloch
Kate Heatzig Shaina Fuente
Claudia Joarder Maddie Gottsegen
Georgia Kyrillos Jordan Kriendler
Sienna Mactavish Ava Moore
Claire Mansour Emily Ochlis
Olivia Mor Olivia Puri
Sam O’Connor Leah Schneider
Ruby Tower Serena Singerman
Izzy Weitzen Cece Sturman
Casey Wallace
capt Maggie Toal Sarah Curran
co Dana Levine Julie Brockmann
Sarah Butler Maria Babot
Tessie Chang Lizzy Cole
Claire Haskell Sadie Jacobsen
Anna Hermacinski Tara Mintzberg
Jamie Insul Brooke Slesh
Cami Milstein Ellie Tello
Ellie Romantz Jasmine Theerman
Rosie Rothschild
captain Rachel Podl Sophie Goldberg
Olivia Desnoyers Liv Cramer
Paulina Krekkler Elise Fuente
Gracie Marx Abby Greenblatt
Frida Munck


capt Rodin Callum Lippard Bryce
co Steinlauf Jackson Lipman Blake
Gouvernuer Hiker Dery Andrew
Hill Tyler Milacci Beck
Kislin Devon Morrison Will
Ratner Noah Nakajima Teruaki
Rosenthal Freddie Segal Adam
Zaccaro John Zitomer Ty
capt Newman Caleb Fox Beckett
Morrison Andrew Karlson Jasper
Tucker Nico
capt Bloch Toby Lippard Max
co Drye Theo Kreindler Ben
Aqraou Arthur Agualimpia Paolo
Chachoua David Brooke Chase
Hill Tristan Goodman Austin
Levine Jack Kops Jack
Marcaccio Remo Lipman Tyler
Ryan Peter Terowsky Pierce
Sobel Eli Wildman Nate
capt Schmidt Andrew Grossman Noah
co Blumberg Amos Barone Nick
Baumoel Jacob Al Mutawa Hamani
Goodman Jason Godbout Henry
Karlson Sebastian Greenfield Eli
Kasimov Mason Sefiani Yassine
Kruzner Mercer Tello Andres
Walls Ben Ziebold Christian
capt Ginsberg Alex Schumann Jesse
co Shanahan Jack Galbraith Brooks
Balbontin Santi Casabianca Angelo
Greenfield Jacob Kislin Braden
Kreinder Jake Leon Josh
Rosenthal Sam Munnell Gavin
Seiler Liam Nadell Caleb
Tucker Arturo Rodin Henry
Urmeneta Andres Schwam Ian
Slesh Tanner
capt Schmidt Philip Cohen Peter
co Melasecca Ricky Seigel Dylan
Al Mutawa Khalid Barber Aidan
Agualimpia Alejandro Camisao Joao
Belisle Hunter Eustice George
Camisao Carlos Farley Oliver
Crystal William Godbout Will
Healey Joey Kanaan Marc
Merino Rodrigo Klosovicz Harry
Swirsky Luke LoMedico Andrew
Zinamon Charlie Lu MIchael
Zolot Gabe
capt Sedlock Benny Rosenthal Jake
co Chang William Gimbel Ethan
Fuente Nathan Adelman Tyler
Goodman Jake Flug Ben
Zubillaga Pablo Marsh Conor
Meister Kyle
capt Chang Alex Shafer Josh
co LoMedico Jack Terowsky Austin
Pello PG Alderman Aaron
Sainz Juan Elvira Hernandez Jorge
Schneider Josh Griebel Jackson
Suna Jonathan Licht Joey
Van Merkensteijn Skye Melasecca Pablo
Zubllaga Andres