Thoughts from Woody

It’s hard to believe that we are 48 hours away from the busses pulling out and the end of summer 2016. The campers are walking and running around camp, making the most out of every second of each period.  The older kids are starting to cry and get that feeling — It’s a feeling that can only be explained by former or current campers. We call it “camp sickness.” How do we leave a place we love and travel back to the real world?  We have all gotten so used to having 24/7 playdates, entertaining ourselves and each other with nothing more than talking and playing. These friendships are not new anymore – they are deep and meaningful.  Give your kids a little space and do not be upset when the camp sickness described sets in.

Although Green and White ended just 3 days ago, we have been cruising since I read the scores. We sent 14 campers up Mt. Washington- taking another thing off our bucket list. We played every team sport as united group once again, and got into the water at every opportunity.  This place is amazing – our kids got right back into the swing of things before Green and White. Watching the energy and passion for five straight days of Color War has pulled us closer to the finish line. The kids have all accomplished so much this summer.

This is our last full day here at the Realm – I have to thank you all so much for trusting in us. Thanks so much for all of your support and again, thank you so much for sharing your children with us.  I cannot wait till the busses pull back in for the summer of 2017.


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