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Forms are Due in 18 Days!!!

Camp is just 59 days away and as the Robin Hood team prepares for an unforgettable summer 2015, we continue to use our online system as the most efficient way of collecting all of your camper’s important information!

At your earliest convenience please log into your CampInTouch account and continue to ‘Forms and Documents’ where you will find the following 2015 Forms:


Physician’s Exam – Every camper must have an updated physician’s exam to come to camp. Please email if your child’s appointment is after the May 15th deadline and submit all other forms online. As a reminder, all forms that are scanned/faxed must be in .tif format.

Health History – This form must be completed online and includes emergency contact information, insurance information, health history, etc.

Intensives Selection – Choose 4 activities that you would like to focus on during the first three weeks of the summer. We do everything we can to accommodate your choices and you are guaranteed your first choice at some point in the beginning of the summer.

Travel – How your child travels to and from camp is very important. Please note we only provide transportation to and from the following airports: Boston Logan International Airport, MA, Manchester Airport, NH and Portland Airport, ME

Bunk Requests – We make every effort to honor bunk requests, but they are not guaranteed. Positive and negative requests are welcomed.

Camper and Parent Questionnaire – Tell us what you’re looking forward to and what you’re hopes for summer 2015 are!

Additional Options – Horseback Riding, Linen Rental, Additional Travel Information

Parent’s Visiting Day – Let us know who will be visiting us on Saturday July 25th and if you’re attending the Robin Hood Talent Show on Friday, July 24th!

In addition to your camper’s forms that must be completed, you will find the following information for your family:

  • Packing List
  • 2015 Terms and Conditions
  • CampMeds Information – This document is very important if your child will need medication this summer at camp!
  • 2015 Electronics Policy – Get ready to unplug!  You can read about benefits of unplugging HERE.
  • Summer Communication – Learn how we communicate with families during the summer and ways to communicate with your camper too!


How to Prepare Your Bags for Camp

Tis the season to begin preparation for your child’s next camp adventure!

As the anticipation mounts, it’s especially important to ensure your camper is prepared as possible for their stay away from home. All the amenities your child has handy around the house will not be as readily available at camp unless they complete that one all-important, oft-neglected task: plan ahead in packing their bag.

Here are some tips to ensure your camper’s bag is up to par come departure time:

  • As camp approaches and your child goes throughout their daily routine, encourage them to pay attention to the things they use so they know what to pack. The last thing we want is stressed-out parents running around last-minute, trying to think of things their camper may have forgotten.
  • Make a list. This may sound rudimentary, but you’d be surprised how many people fly by the seat of their pants when it comes to packing and then forget what they put in the bag and what has yet to go in. Make a list and then check items off as they disappear into the labyrinth that is your camper’s bag. Organization is key!
  • Categorize your list. This makes it easier not to accidentally pass things over in one long running list. Suggested categories include clothes, outdoor gear, and toiletries.
  • Download our suggested packing list to double-check for items that may be missing from your camper’s pack.

The One All-Important Thing You Must Not Forget!

The most common mistake we find with packed bags is that they are not labeled with names or group names.

It is essential for all parents to write in big, dark letters the name of their child and the name of their group on all packed bags.

In addition, the packed bags (that you label) should be soft trunks or duffel bags – this will accommodate for limited storage space at camp.

All campers traveling to camp via airplane or bus need to ship their bags via Camp Trucking, a delivery service like UPS and FedEx that services the entire country plus Canada. Camp Trucking is much more affordable than these other carriers and will pick the bags up from your home and drop them off at the end of the camping session.

We hope your camper is as excited as we are for new and exciting experiences this summer! Just remember: the organized camper is a prepared camper, and the prepared camper is a happy camper.

For more information on camper baggage and preparation, in addition to Camp Trucking sign-up forms, check out our camper baggage instructions.