Monthly Archives: September 2020

A Note From Woody

2 weeks…..

In a blink of the eye 2 weeks have passed since we closed our 93rd and most successful summer ever at CRH. I miss the non-stop energy and laughter of camp.  I miss the smiling faces and constant movement of our days.  The ability to live our best lives together in uncertain times was the end game. We came together and prepared for camp weeks before opening day. Doing whatever it took was our rallying call. Every member of our Robin Hood Family took the risk but did the work needed to overcome every obstacle.

When I think back to early June when we decided to open, our focus was on the scientific facts.  We had the knowledge that as a family we could overcome anything TOGETHER. The first and biggest thank you has to go my staff and administration. Our 2021 general staff consisted of over 75% former campers and most members of the support staff have spent many summers at camp. My administration has over 250 Robin Hood summers worth of experience and knowledge. I would bet on them anytime!

The moment I woke up on day one and walked past the junior camp boys bunk I saw everyone wearing a mask and I felt very confident. 100% success on the first Covid test took us to stage 2 making me feel even better.  Who will ever forget the moment Doc Arash announced the all NEGATIVE 6 days later.  The celebration that erupted would continue for 4 more magical weeks.

The last but biggest thank you goes out to all of our camper parents. Your trust and support before, during, and after camp will never be forgotten. I know as a parent how hard it is to give up control under normal circumstances. The summer of 2020 was not normal in any way but will never be forgotten by any of us. We checked off every box and accomplished every goal.

Thanks as always for sharing your kids with me and for giving us the opportunity to get it done ….