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There’s Something for Everyone!


It’s hard to imagine that there are people in this world who aren’t “campers.” For those of you who are lucky enough to be spending your summers at your home away from home, this thought is unimaginable. As you get older and have other experiences in life (you know those things that “grown ups” do,) you will occasionally come across the person who says “I don’t get it, what’s so special about camp?” or “I can’t believe your parents sent you away for the whole summer?” (BTW, thanks Mom and Dad!)

Let’s be real. We could be “grown up” about it and send them links to articles showing the benefits of camping, but the camper in us gets all fired up. Like we’re back in The Realm during Green & White. Something comes over us and we are ready to defend to the death the fact that camp is the BEST PLACE ON EARTH!

Now we know this is not Color War so we calm ourselves down and realize there are there are so many ways that Camp Robin Hood fits the above description. For one thing, if you’ve never been to Lake Ossipee you are seriously missing out on the most memorable sunsets of your life. But one of the greatest things about spending your summer at The Realm is the way you spend your day. Filled with all different types of activities, for all types of campers, it doesn’t matter if you’re the best of the best at home or the kid who hasn’t quite mastered a specific skill because, at Camp Robin Hood there’s something for everyone! Below is a look at the activities our campers fill their days with, all while creating friendships, memories, laughter and the magic that is in the trees…

Team Sports & Individual Sportssports

At Robin Hood, we believe that introducing healthy competition is critical to development of every child. Our specialty staff work with campers to teach the rules and fundamentals of each sport while focusing on teamwork and sportsmanship and maintaining the energy and fun factor Robin Hood is known for. During group activity periods, campers will have an opportunity to learn about the sport they are playing, practice working on drills, and finish with a game amongst their peers. From basketball and soccer to tennis, horseback riding, riflery and more, regardless of skill level, every camper is immersed in a fun and nurturing environment. What better way to prepare for our annual Green & White Color War than by participating in team sports?


The amazing Ossipee Mountains set the backdrop for life on Lake Ossipee. In addition to swim instruction, which we believe is an integral part of what we do at camp, children participate in a number of activities. With our four motorboats ready to cruise the lake each day, campers will be waterskiing, wakeboarding, knee boarding and tubing with confidence throughout the summer. Campers also have an opportunity to explore our lake through our sailing, kayak and canoe programs. This year we’re introducing brand new kay-pads to the lakefront! It’s going to be amazing.

Hiking & Trips


We are set in the White Mountains, in this incredible area of the country, and you had better believe we take advantage of it. Campers get an opportunity to hike local trails, participate in overnights, and explore Lake Ossipee on canoe/rafting trips. We are proud to be a camp that still camps. How else can you expect to learn to love s’mores, splash fights, and stargazing? They are all part of the magic of Camp Robin Hood.



The benefits of fitness are numerous and at Camp Robin Hood we practice what we preach. Campers have an opportunity to take Spinning and Yoga classes, as well as participate in weight lifting under the supervision of our instructors. They can take a jog with DC or Woody before lunch or dinner while preparing for the Freedom 5K. We offer mountain bike rides with our staff for those campers looking to do something other than running, as well as speed and agility workouts as an option for those looking to get or stay in shape.

The Arts


Of course, when it comes to our campers creativity we give them lots of options for exploration, building their confidence throughout each opportunity. From painting, beading, bracelet making and ceramics, there’s something in the Craft Cabin to bring out every camper’s creative side. Sure we’ve got our favorites (tie-dye anyone!), but even more exciting is our non-traditional arts and crafts activities like candle making, pillow making and woodworking that has taken our arts & crafts program by storm. Our fully functioning Wood Shop will allow campers to design and build a variety of items. Now, let’s not forget our performers at Camp Robin Hood. They are true artists too! Whether practicing a monologue, working on improv, rehearsing for a talent show or working behind the scenes on set design and lighting, there’s something for everyone in our 500-seat playhouse.

So what’s the moral of this story? Should you come across someone who asks that unimaginable question, “what’s so special about camp?” remember that the answer can be as simple as telling them what a typical day at Camp Robin Hood exposes a child to. Then multiply that times 7 weeks and multiply that by a lifetime and you’ve got a piece of the magic in the trees at Camp Robin Hood.