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Ice Hockey Intensive Program Now at Camp Robin Hood

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At Camp Robin Hood, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide positive experiences for campers of diverse athletic interests, needs, and abilities. One highlight of the Camp Robin Hood Experience is the opportunity for personalized, higher-level lessons. We developed our Intensive Programs and private instructions to meet those needs of our campers.

At Camp Robin Hood we believe that children do not need to stay home or attend specialty camps to prepare for fall sports or to improve in their chosen endeavors. Over the past several summers, a few parents have asked us to help prepare their children for fall sports and/or extracurricular activities. From that came our Intensive program and then the addition of private lessons. This summer, we introduced our new Ice Hockey Program and are the only co-ed camp in the area that provides ice hockey instruction with Division 1 coaches at a local ice rink.

Robin Hood’s Ice Hockey Program is designed for experienced hockey players of all ages. Each Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 9.10.42 AMhockey period consists of a combination of skills, drills, and game play. We also offer ice speed and agility training. Campers have the opportunity to get on the ice at least once per week. It is our goal that each camper will have an experience that not only will be fun, but also help them develop into the player they hope to be. We also have private and team opportunities available.

We are a traditional, general camp with a focus on independence, confidence and relationship building but children can receive private instruction in athletics like Field Hockey, Basketball, Soccer, Dance, Gymnastics, Volleyball and Tennis.

Is your child interested in our new Ice Hockey summer program or one of our other intensive programs? We’d be happy to provide you with more information and details on summer 2017, click here for more information or email