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Thursday’s Wrap Up

After some in and out rain yesterday, we were relieved to have had a day full of sunshine. We were fortunate enough to send the Archers up Welch-Dickey and the Quills up Sugarloaf for some White Mountain hiking. Our Outdoor Living intensive culminated in a canoe trip over to a campsite at Danforth Bay. Our campers pitched their own tents, helped make a fire, and cooked themselves a dinner of hot dogs, chicken, corn, and s’mores. On the athletic front, our oldest boys traveled to Indian Acres for a soccer tournament while our younger boys traveled to West End for a play day of soccer, softball, basketball, and newcomb.

Back on Robin Hood soil, our remaining groups were taking full advantage of this dreamy day. The Arrows enjoyed a period of football with Woody, the Tumblers worked on their swimming strokes at the waterfront, the Foresters put forth full energy with some lawn games, and the TPJs got to bounce around on the inflatables at our newly decked out senior waterfront.

It was a picturesque day at Robin Hood and I have full confidence that our campers will be sleeping soundly tonight.

Sweet dreams from The Realm,


A Play by Play of a Partly Rainy Day

It’s a little damp this A.M. as we got a much needed soaking last night. The fields are greening up as I write! The sun’s in and out and the only place that’s going to have problems for us is the courts. Everything else we will play through!

Intensives are running first period for Junior Camp and second period for Senior Camp. I imagine arts and crafts, ceramics, woodshop, gymnastics, drama, and dance will have busy days if the rain doesn’t subside. Tennis intensives will be in the Director’s Cottage watching Wimbledon – not a bad gig! Basketball is moved to our indoor basketball courts for some 3 vs. 3.

By 11:00, the sun has come out and everything is a go – all courts are dry and ready for action.

This morning we also met with the Saxons and Scribes about aiding with our groups and departments. They will begin in the next few days. Each CIT must try working with a junior camp group, senior camp group, and specialty department before they settle where they feel most comfortable. This is the future of RH and this group will go on to be Group Leaders and Department Heads.

Inspection high honors today went to the Squires in Boys Camp and the Arrows and Scribes in Girls Camp.

Today is our first cook out night of the summer. Boys Camp cooks down by the waterfront and Girls Camp cooks at the Girls Camp grill. Burgers, hot dogs, precooked grilled chicken patties, and veggie burgers are fired up for all to chow down on. The Group Leaders cook in both areas and within an hour and a half, we have campers with full bellies. You can’t beat a charcoal grilled burger and I always go to Girls Camp for the best burger!

Tonight is our first stay at the Outpost and the TPJs are kicking off the summer! They will be preparing and cooking their own food, sleeping in tents, and sharing stories around a campfire. Of course, no Outpost would be complete without s’mores. Hopefully the stars will be out in full force and our youngest boys will have their first glimpse at that infamous CRH night sky.

Sweet dreams from The Realm,


From The Director’s Desk

Greetings from Freedom, NH and the end of a another warm, sunny and wonderful day in The Realm of Robin Hood.

We are winding down Day #5 and I feel like the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Camp is off to its usual energetic beginning – the dining hall is bursting with energy as the girls sing, the boys chant and everyone dances.  16 laps have been completed and our beautiful waterfront is in full gear.  The arts departments are busy and are the perfect activities after your children have participated in land sports or water activities.  One of my favorite things to witness in the first few days of camp are old friendships reuniting and new campers making friends and joining the CRH family.  A sense of belonging and community is an important part of the Robin Hood experience.  While we do have some homesick campers,  it is generally dissipating as they become more comfortable with their surroundings.

What has been interesting to observe is the evolution of our Intensives Program and individual instruction.  We are a traditional, general camp with a focus on independence, confidence and relationship building.  Over the past several summers, a few parents have asked us to help prepare their children for fall sports and/or extracurricular activities. From that came Intensives and then a few private lessons.  Today at rest hour, children were receiving private instruction in Field Hockey, Basketball, Soccer, Dance, Gymnastics, Volleyball and of course Tennis.  We had a camper working with our personal trainer, who also taught an abs class before dinner.  This afternoon, our children who play ice hockey at home attended an open skate in North Conway.

Although only a handful of campers participate in private instruction, I have never believed children need to stay home or attend specialty camps to prepare for fall sports or to improve in their chosen endeavors.

We thank you for sharing with us your fabulous children.  We are focussed and committed to making this summer safe, fun and one from which they will have lifelong memories.

Sweet dreams from The Realm,


Intensives have Begun

Another beautiful day in The Realm. Camp was humming with the excitement generated by the first day of intensives. The tennis courts were bouncing, as were the basketball courts. Drama Heather had campers acting, singing and role playing in our theater! We had campers busy at arts and crafts with jewelry making and ceramics. The woodshop was alive with campers beginning their projects. This week we are also lucky to have a special activity offered – wood engraving and painting. The waterski department was flooded with enthusiastic skiers and boarders eager to improve their skills. Our campers have begun a week of commitment and fun!

The Jesters and Squires climbed two of the mountains in the White Mountain range. They were surely determined to get to the top as today was an especially hot day in New Hampshire! They were all happy when they got home and were ready to relax a bit!! The Archers spent their evening at the waterfront on our new water jungle gym bouncing and sliding and climbing the night away. The Saxons and Scribes spent the night preparing for our fourth of July carnival Our TPJs went on their first fishing expedition and managed to catch three fish – this will be a day to remember!

All in all, it was a hot but busy and gratifying day in The Realm. Our campers made sure to seize the day and make the most of all this magical place has to offer.

Sweet Dreams from The Realm,

The Brass

A Place Called Freedom

Traditions ….

We are all about history and traditions here at the Realm… For 89 summers children have escaped the cities and the pressure of the school year to a place called Freedom.

Today was filled with old traditions and new challenges for all our campers. A few HIGHLIGHTS-

This morning I challenged the Tumblers and TPJ’s to race up Green Mountain. We have opened the summer with this trip since the 70’s. Our littlest campers – some 50 strong – enjoyed the attention and the day spent with their personal sherpas, our oldest campers the Saxons and Scribes. I promised the winners ice cream and I can report that the girls beat the boys by 2 minutes! The girls however had 1/10 of a mile less to hike as they went up a different trail. We called it a tie and let both groups enjoy the homemade ice cream together. I can also report that the kids were so happy and proud of what they accomplished.

We also finished our 16 laps today at the waterfront – that swim test has been around for over 50 years. Today we were visited by an alumnus who was last at camp 51 years ago. His wife was so happy to finally put a face on the place after 40 years of stories. He told me in spite of all the new buildings the place feels the same. He said we have the trees, the pine needles and the greatest waterfront in the world. He remembered swimming his 16 laps years ago.

As we have done for many years the boys and girls had the first campfires of the season tonight. Boys camp has the Saxons and TPJ’s building the fire and introducing each other to the entire camp after spending the day hiking. Girls camp has a great tradition also – the scribes visit every bunk while linking arms. The girls join the parade while singing “If I had a Hammer” finishing the long walk at waterfront. It was a amazing sight as the new campers already 3 days into their first summer smiled and took in the special moment.

We are so lucky to spend our summers together at the Realm as tens of thousands of others have done before us. DC and I feel like Peter Pan every day. We have been blessed with the privilege of being the sherpas for all your kids. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

Sweet dreams from the Realm,