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Thursday’s Wrap Up

After some in and out rain yesterday, we were relieved to have had a day full of sunshine. We were fortunate enough to send the Archers up Welch-Dickey and the Quills up Sugarloaf for some White Mountain hiking. Our Outdoor Living intensive culminated in a canoe trip over to a campsite at Danforth Bay. Our campers pitched their own tents, helped make a fire, and cooked themselves a dinner of hot dogs, chicken, corn, and s’mores. On the athletic front, our oldest boys traveled to Indian Acres for a soccer tournament while our younger boys traveled to West End for a play day of soccer, softball, basketball, and newcomb.

Back on Robin Hood soil, our remaining groups were taking full advantage of this dreamy day. The Arrows enjoyed a period of football with Woody, the Tumblers worked on their swimming strokes at the waterfront, the Foresters put forth full energy with some lawn games, and the TPJs got to bounce around on the inflatables at our newly decked out senior waterfront.

It was a picturesque day at Robin Hood and I have full confidence that our campers will be sleeping soundly tonight.

Sweet dreams from The Realm,


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