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A Note From Arash

Dear Robin Hood Family,

We hit another positive milestone today as it has now been 14 days since the arrival of the last of our campers. As Camp Robin Hood’s Medical Director I feel that one more hurdle has been overcome on the path to a COVID-free Summer 2020 Season.

Even if the Novel Coronavirus had somehow managed to elude our three highly sensitive NP PCR tests, by now there is a >>99% chance that someone at camp would have shown some fever and/or COVID symptom if infected.
Despite our camp population being skewed toward the younger side, we currently have ten camp staff members over 50 years of age and an additional ten over 40. I find it very comforting that our group of “potential higher risk COVID targets” has also remained healthy throughout the four weeks that we, the staff, have been here at camp.
On site we continue to monitor every single camper and staff member’s temperature, signs/symptoms every single day.
We investigate each medical sign or symptom elicited on our daily inquiry.
We intend to continue these practices throughout the remaining three weeks of camp.
Last night’s music/dance performances brought us all a great deal of happiness. It has been wonderful to see everyone at camp thriving and enjoying all that Camp Robin Hood has to offer. Indeed, our dream to recreate the activity, freedom, and joy of a typical camp summer has been realized.
Honestly, I have seen an unprecedented level of camaraderie, cooperation, and participation in the day-to-day needs and workings of camp, at least in the 14 summers that I have been here. It warms my heart to see the eldest groups of campers really taking on a leadership and ownership role.
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
Warm Regards,
Arash Babaoff, MD
Camp Robin Hood
Medical Director

Day 8 in The Realm

I am sitting alone at my desk listening to music booming from the playhouse as I catch up on calls and emails. The place is rocking as we celebrate the parties you missed this year. We had every person who graduated from middle school, high school or college walk across the stage to get a diploma from Chuck. We also honored our campers who had Mitzvahs over the spring cancelled by COVID.
This happened after an incredibly hot but perfect day here at the Realm. The waterfront was filled all day with kids swimming, boating ,laughing and playing. The fields rocked as all groups played sports getting ready for Green and White which is closer than we know at this point.
I have to pinch myself all day up here. The energy and enthusiasm with everything we do is amazing. I picked 5 Shires today to help gather all the garbage in camp. We laughed and told stories for 90 minutes. In what other summer could that happen. We have truly become one family. We all help out and do what needs to be done every day. That was actually my dream when covid broke in the spring. As other camp directors asked how we would pull it off I always answered the same way. That as a family we can accomplish anything. I knew your kids would react this way and be so thankful and happy to be up here. They understand what you parents have given them and will not waste a second of it ….
Thanks again for trusting us and for sharing your kids with all of us here at CRH.
Sweet dreams from the Realm.

Day 4 in The Realm

Today was the day that I finally got to spend most of my time roaming around camp and seeing all of our activity areas and campers in action! It was a great day for that really as girls camp all decided to dress up in crazy and colorful outfits. They called it Brittany Snow Day. They tried to explain why but I didn’t really get it so I just smiled and rolled with it. All of you who questioned why your daughters asked you to buy and subsequently pack tutus and metallic crazy leggings it was for occasions just like this! Take a look at the pictures from today – I’m not sure if the counselors or the campers had more fun! Anyway I closed my computer and headed outside at 10:00 am. I saw so many cool things! At the waterfront I saw people on peddleboats, people on the SUP boards, people playing on the water trampoline, sailing, skiing, it was awesome! I even saw people doing water aerobics – that was a new one for me. I might join in next time. After lunch I focused on the land-based activities. There was some great basketball going on, kids doing some agility drills at soccer and something else I had never seen before at the tennis courts. Junior campers were being fed balls and then they started playing something that apparently is called tennis baseball. The camper would hit the ball and then run to the post and if they made it before the ball was returned they were safe. Or something like that. I didn’t really understand it but I know for sure that they were hitting and running and laughing and that is what counts. I saw kids playing some interesting character games in drama, making string bracelets at arts and crafts, spinning on the spin bikes followed by planks and other very difficult fitness moves. Evening activity just wrapped up – we had a game of Hunger Games, a reverse scavenger hunt, a standard scavenger hunt, a gaga game and the archers had their 3rd league game of baseball while the lancers ended the night at a bonfire on the beach! What a great day to be outside! I generally spend too much time behind my desk so it was great to go mobile today and see this all happening live. I hope that you enjoy the pictures from today and get a good feel for what is going on up here. I can’t say enough how normal it feels which is amazing after this spring. I think we have all been craving some normalcy and this is just what the doctor ordered. Wishing you all a great evening – sweet dreams from the Realm – Michelle

Day 4 in The Realm

Walking around the Realm these days is like going back in time. Like they have for the last 92 summers children are walking around with big smiles and  tons of energy and excitement. They are playing sports and enjoying our lake like kids should be. We are constantly focused on what is what’s next. What activity are we playing next? What’s for lunch? When I announced at dinner tonight that dessert was fudgesicles – you would have thought that it was New Year’s Eve! Your kids are enjoying and taking in every minute here at the REALM. They are so appreciative of what you guys have allowed them to do. We talked at breakfast about what a privilege it is to be at camp. No one is entitled to this experience. It’s something we all need to be thankful for every day.
16 weeks ago I would have never thought it was possible. 3 weeks ago I would have given my left arm to be here on night 5 of the summer, about to start our second camper test with high hopes. We have now tested our staff 3 times and each camper is about to get their 3rd test. We have accomplished so much and I feel so fortunate to be a part of this. I am also not scared of tomorrow’s results. Two weeks ago I could not sleep before receiving the staff’s second test results. I now have great confidence in our plan and a better understanding of the science behind it. We have proven that we can and will overcome any curveball thrown our way.
Our kids walk around enjoying camp in every way. The only difference is  that they all wear masks. They are all doing the things I dreamed about when this first started. They are picking up trash, helping set up and serve – basically doing whatever it takes at meal times. The bunks were spotless today. We have identified specific bathrooms for every cohort. We are truly a family. A family who looks out for each other and respects the time we have been given up here.
In closing I must say to you exactly what I said to your kids today – to THANK YOU, THEIR FAMILIES in a letter home. Thanks for trusting us and for sharing your kids. Thanks for being a partner in this life changing journey that we all will talk about for forever.
I am the luckiest person in the world to be sitting at this desk….
Sweet dreams from the Realm


Day 2- A Note From Wendy

Greetings from the Realm,

My name is Wendy Corbin and I am one of the administrators this summer at Robin Hood.  A little bit about me:  I was a camper and counselor at Camp Hiawatha – the former sister camp of Robin Hood – till it closed in 1984.  After meeting my husband, Peter through camp, I came back to join him here and spent three summers as a group leader and head of girls camp from 2003-2005.  For the last 15 years I have been raising our twin boys and running Corbin’s Crusaders, an after school sports program and day camp in the New York area.

It’s a strange world and a very different summer.  Although we are wearing masks, physical distancing and a constantly washing our hands, being back here feels very normal.  As both an administrator and a parent of twin boys in the Forester group, I have a unique perspective to bring to the team.

As the Safety Officer, I have spent the last couple of months studying both the New Hampshire State Guidelines and the CDC recommendations to safely open our camp.  Our medical team and full administration has created a plan and system to insure that camp is safe.  I am the person responsible for executing these plans.

Camp is humming along.  I’ve watched the Tumblers learn Basketball, the Bows play Tennis, the Foresters at the Waterfront, the Shires at Nine Square and the Scouts playing Bocce.  As a parent, I feel we have given these kids an opportunity to feel normal especially after such an unusual spring.  I love seeing the campers doing activities and making friends.  You can feel their smiles behind the masks and see it in their eyes.

I’m so thankful my boys get to experience the magic in the trees like your children and so many of us have done for the past 93 years.

Wendy Corbin
Camp Robin Hood 2003-2005, 2020
Camp Hiawatha 1976 – 1984