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Day 4 in The Realm

Today was the day that I finally got to spend most of my time roaming around camp and seeing all of our activity areas and campers in action! It was a great day for that really as girls camp all decided to dress up in crazy and colorful outfits. They called it Brittany Snow Day. They tried to explain why but I didn’t really get it so I just smiled and rolled with it. All of you who questioned why your daughters asked you to buy and subsequently pack tutus and metallic crazy leggings it was for occasions just like this! Take a look at the pictures from today – I’m not sure if the counselors or the campers had more fun! Anyway I closed my computer and headed outside at 10:00 am. I saw so many cool things! At the waterfront I saw people on peddleboats, people on the SUP boards, people playing on the water trampoline, sailing, skiing, it was awesome! I even saw people doing water aerobics – that was a new one for me. I might join in next time. After lunch I focused on the land-based activities. There was some great basketball going on, kids doing some agility drills at soccer and something else I had never seen before at the tennis courts. Junior campers were being fed balls and then they started playing something that apparently is called tennis baseball. The camper would hit the ball and then run to the post and if they made it before the ball was returned they were safe. Or something like that. I didn’t really understand it but I know for sure that they were hitting and running and laughing and that is what counts. I saw kids playing some interesting character games in drama, making string bracelets at arts and crafts, spinning on the spin bikes followed by planks and other very difficult fitness moves. Evening activity just wrapped up – we had a game of Hunger Games, a reverse scavenger hunt, a standard scavenger hunt, a gaga game and the archers had their 3rd league game of baseball while the lancers ended the night at a bonfire on the beach! What a great day to be outside! I generally spend too much time behind my desk so it was great to go mobile today and see this all happening live. I hope that you enjoy the pictures from today and get a good feel for what is going on up here. I can’t say enough how normal it feels which is amazing after this spring. I think we have all been craving some normalcy and this is just what the doctor ordered. Wishing you all a great evening – sweet dreams from the Realm – Michelle

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