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Day 8 in The Realm

I am sitting alone at my desk listening to music booming from the playhouse as I catch up on calls and emails. The place is rocking as we celebrate the parties you missed this year. We had every person who graduated from middle school, high school or college walk across the stage to get a diploma from Chuck. We also honored our campers who had Mitzvahs over the spring cancelled by COVID.
This happened after an incredibly hot but perfect day here at the Realm. The waterfront was filled all day with kids swimming, boating ,laughing and playing. The fields rocked as all groups played sports getting ready for Green and White which is closer than we know at this point.
I have to pinch myself all day up here. The energy and enthusiasm with everything we do is amazing. I picked 5 Shires today to help gather all the garbage in camp. We laughed and told stories for 90 minutes. In what other summer could that happen. We have truly become one family. We all help out and do what needs to be done every day. That was actually my dream when covid broke in the spring. As other camp directors asked how we would pull it off I always answered the same way. That as a family we can accomplish anything. I knew your kids would react this way and be so thankful and happy to be up here. They understand what you parents have given them and will not waste a second of it ….
Thanks again for trusting us and for sharing your kids with all of us here at CRH.
Sweet dreams from the Realm.

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