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A Note From Arash

Dear Robin Hood Family,

We hit another positive milestone today as it has now been 14 days since the arrival of the last of our campers. As Camp Robin Hood’s Medical Director I feel that one more hurdle has been overcome on the path to a COVID-free Summer 2020 Season.

Even if the Novel Coronavirus had somehow managed to elude our three highly sensitive NP PCR tests, by now there is a >>99% chance that someone at camp would have shown some fever and/or COVID symptom if infected.
Despite our camp population being skewed toward the younger side, we currently have ten camp staff members over 50 years of age and an additional ten over 40. I find it very comforting that our group of “potential higher risk COVID targets” has also remained healthy throughout the four weeks that we, the staff, have been here at camp.
On site we continue to monitor every single camper and staff member’s temperature, signs/symptoms every single day.
We investigate each medical sign or symptom elicited on our daily inquiry.
We intend to continue these practices throughout the remaining three weeks of camp.
Last night’s music/dance performances brought us all a great deal of happiness. It has been wonderful to see everyone at camp thriving and enjoying all that Camp Robin Hood has to offer. Indeed, our dream to recreate the activity, freedom, and joy of a typical camp summer has been realized.
Honestly, I have seen an unprecedented level of camaraderie, cooperation, and participation in the day-to-day needs and workings of camp, at least in the 14 summers that I have been here. It warms my heart to see the eldest groups of campers really taking on a leadership and ownership role.
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
Warm Regards,
Arash Babaoff, MD
Camp Robin Hood
Medical Director

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