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Is It Over Already?


No way it’s over already… the last van just pulled out and The Realm is back to hibernation again. We woke up this morning with 400 people on the grounds- energy, laughter and tears everywhere. How did the summer go by so fast?

A little business first- in spite of the rain yesterday we had a perfect day. Our campers were not going to allow anything to get in the way of a Robin Hood good bye. Groups played final games on all our fields and collected projects to go home. Its very sad for me to watch- we all wait 10 months for these 7 weeks. It feels like the buses were just pulling into camp on opening day.

We ended the night in the Dining Hall giving out all-camp awards. As I hope you know by now, we are not big on awards. This is the one time of the year we recognize a few individuals who stood out throughout the summer. Watching our older kids get the all camp awards or the “Majors” as the alumni call them- was like an out of body experience. These kids have grown up before our eyes, from little Tumblers and TPJ’s to leaders of the boys and girls camp. Robin Hood’s future is in safe hands.

As we write the final WoodChuck of the season, I want to thank you again for sharing your kids with us. It has been an honor and pleasure to spend every moment together. We have learned so much from each camper and our kids have reminded us about what is good in this world. I only wish we could do it longer. As I leave here under the Robin Hood sign, wiping a tear from my eyes, I look forward to June 26, 2015 when we all return to our home and sing the Alma Mata as we enter under the camp sign. THAT is what gets us all through the next 10 months.

On behalf of DC and I, thanks again.

Big Big Day



This is one of my favorite weeks of the year. The anticipation is always so much fun to watch. The kids talk about the BREAK and the CAPTAINS forever. It’s like CNBC and FOX networks all summer long up here-but its all RH news all the time. I must admit the FAKE break was amazing- kids went nuts. After a few victory laps- I started to feel sick. Only I would think that the fake was too good. How could the real Break live up to it- I thought.. These breaks are like my children- I grow very connected to and defensive of all their failures and live through all successes. That being said- the break was OK- without the fake it would have been top 5 for us- year 11 here. Must admit I am really going to hit it out of the ball park next year. 

RH got into day 2 with fury. Walking around today was a pleasure- your kids played so hard. Every field was on fire with competition and energy. We spentthe morning at the beach- the chants and cheers went on for 3 hours. I know that our pictures tell 1000 stories. I want to share 2 stories that pictures can’t capture.

My oldest girls called a meeting to make sure that a bunkmate who had hurt herself could participate. They were willing to change the way we did an activity in order to ensure everyone got to play. Both teams came together as one- Green and White stays out of the bunk. With these girls it means more than anything- their friendship is more important than any War. They will always be sisters….

During the swim meet I noticed one of my GL’s jump in the water before the final group race.  This Gl swam beside the camper during the entire event smiling and cheering the whole time. Best part for me was the GL was on the other team. Regardless of the War -that was and always will be her camper.  They were alone in the water for 30 seconds with 450 people yelling and screaming. It was their time-something both will remember forever. 

Years from now everyone will either be talking about the final score or the break. For me these are the memorable moments.

I am so proud of these kids… I am so proud of our staff… This place ROCKS!