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Green and White Begins

Click this link to watch our 2023 Green and White Break!

After a full summer of waiting, Green and White finally broke today. Here is our notes detailing what it takes to plan a seamless break:

  • Breakfast- Andrea gets 3 pontoons anchored at chalet
    • All need waterfront walkies (wendy will have a fourth WF walkie on land)
  • 10 AM- mauldin and swoody to development in 2 vans 
  • 10:15AM- Will to chalet 
  • 10:15AM-scott and chuck to gate to wait for firetruck
  • 10:30AM-jeremy rick and kat to white garage 
  • 10:45AM- wendy and peter head to wf casually 
  • 10:45AM- michelle and ty on standby in office 
  • 10:53AM- Michelle and ty on woodys cart 
  • When sirens go – Boats leave chalet and go to assigned areas 
    • Marens boat left of island 
    • Mauldins boat middle of island 
    • Wills boat right of island 
  • 10:45 – Woody and judge go to jetski 
  • 10:55- firetruck enters between stables and blitzball, sirens on
    • Parks between farf and soccer, people gather 
    • When ty thinks everyone is there, he radios “phase water” 
  • Chuck and scott turn off sirens and make the water spray from the truck 
    • When spray starts, ty gives cue for kat to drive from behind “phase confetti” (between stables and rink), turn the corner, and park at tug spot 
    • When kat arrives, water stops
    • When water stops, rick turns on the generator (on switch and pull the handle, turn the key to vertical position on button and press button to start confetti  
      • On-cannon but set to DMX not “on”
      • Confetti loaded in the compartment beneath the lid
    • Jeremy and rick continuously load confetti for 10 seconds 
  • Once confetti slows down and mood is declining, ty radios to wendy “phase smoke” 
    • Wendy turns on the waterfront siren 
      • If wf siren is not fixed by saturday night, lola mans the office siren switch, and ty yells waterfront from the bull horn 
    • Peter and wendy run to where they set off and place the smoke bombs 
      • Smoke bombs to be left on top of tower 
      • Green smoke bombs on tower
      • White smoke bombs on 
    • When kids are seen, smoke bombs set off and set down on top of ___ Phase boat begins when the smoke starts 
    • Boats come in from point
    • Judges just stand 
    • Pass waterski and meet woody on jetski
    • Woody floors it and does a loop
    • Comes back to get pontoons 
    • Flags go up 
    • Come close to docs

Scott and Chuck- need a walkie on channel 3

Be at the gate at 10:15 waiting for the truck which should arrive at 10:45. At 10:55, make the siren go off and drive slowly between the stables, past friedman field, and park inbetween the soccer goal and the grandstand.  When ty thinks everyone is there, he will radio “phase water” when he says this, have the firetruck turn off its siren, and spray its water. When you see the blue truck approaching to the tug of war area, turn the water off. Bring a charged walkie. 

Jer, rick, and kat- need a walkie on channel 3

Be at the big garage by the parking lot at 10:30. Kat will drive and jeremy and rick will be in the back. Make sure the confetti does not blow out of its containers while you are driving. When Ty walkies “phase confetti”, kat will drive the truck between the stables and the rink and turn left on the dirt road. She will park where tug of war takes place. Once she is parked, the water on the firetruck will stop. When it stops, rick will turn the key and press the button while jeremy loads the confetti. Kat needs to bring her walkie. 

The button has to be held down. 

Set cannons to DMX (not “on”)

the cannons should be pointed at the soccer field 

Will- need a walkie and a lake walkie 

Be at the chalet at 10:15. All three pontoons should be anchored at the chalet by then. They all need to have gas and be equipped with a lake walkie talkie. The judges will arrive shortly after will. 

Michelle and ty- you need a walkie – channel 3 

  1. Be in the office waiting to board the golfcart at 10:45. Get in the golfcart at 10:54 and head to the soccer field.
  2. When the firetruck siren comes in, evaulate how many people are around it. When you think most of camp has arrived, say “phase water”.
  3. This will make the water on the firetruck go off. 
  4. When the water starts spraying, say “phase confetti”, this will prompt kat to drive in past the rink and stables and park at tug of war, and then the confetti will go off. 
  5. When the confetti has ended or the excitement has stalled, radio “phase smoke” and say “waterfront” repeatedly on the bullhorn. Drive down to the waterfront. 

Peter and wendy 

  1. Be casually at the waterfront at 10:45. 
  2. When you hear “phase smoke” switch the waterfront siren on
  3. Put smoke bomb at the end of the doc on the sand 
  4. Stand at the end of the docs to prevent people from coming on
  5. Once smoke has begun, wendy will say “phase boat”, this is when the boats come and head to the senior waterfront area. 

Dick: when ty says “phase smoke” turn the siren on in office. Tape above it


Final Excursions

Energy was at a new height in the Realm today. With the final excursions going out, the waterfront buzzing with sun shining, and the looming unknown of Green and White, the day flew by. 

The Quills and Yeomen were at the dining hall at 8am eating an early breakfast to prepare for their day-long excursion. The groups then headed straight to Funtown Splashtown, a waterpark in Maine. The campers spent the late morning and afternoon on the slides, in the pools, and on the water rides. A highlight of the waterpark was the Tornado ride. The Quills and Yeomen then got a quick lunch before grabbing their popcorn and hitting the movie theater to see the new Barbie movie. They all had fabulous movie reviews. The day concluded with a fun dinner and the groups headed back to camp.

The rest of camp was having their own fun back at the Realm. Waterski boats and pontoons were cruising up and down the lake all morning and afternoon. Even as the sun was going up, the Robin Hood ski boats were getting their first groups out on the water. As the sun was setting, groups gathered on the beach to watch the orange and yellow fill up the sky and reflect on the water. The Waterfront is my favorite location at camp, and today we saw why.

Goodnight from CRH.

White Water Rafting

The past few days have been a blast from the raft…that is, Crab Apple Whitewater Rafting in the Forks, Maine. The Friars and Bards have been experiencing a thrill of a lifetime down the Kennebec River. These constant Class III and IV rapids with names like Big Mama and Magic Falls have no mercy on the 14 year old campers from Camp Robin Hood. 

The trip begins the day before when within an hour of arrival they are hiking to Moxie Falls and jumping in freshwater pools. Afterwards, they have a barbeque feast followed by evening activities of karaoke, night time swimming, billiards, and good old fashioned board games.  It’s early to bed because the next morning they need to be on their “A” game to navigate these rapids. Breakfast is 7:45 a.m. and safety talks and equipment check begin at 8:30 a.m. A 25 minute bus ride brings everyone to the drop off site where they launch the raft into the water and for about an hour straight, it is rip roaring rapids. Eventually, rafters take a waterfall breather where the guides take pictures and doll out snacks. 

Then it’s back in the water, literally. The campers are allowed to swim Class II rapids before hitting a few more Class III gems, and if they’re lucky, do a little “surfing”. The final leg of the journey is a float down stream where they spot wildlife like bald eagles and osprey, and take another dip in the river. Finally, they arrive back at the lodge where they feast on steak, salmon, and a variety of delicious side dishes. Near the end of the meal they are entertained by images and videos of the adventure. At this point it is 3:00 p.m. and the campers are wiped. They spend the remainder of the afternoon playing outdoor games, swimming in the pool, and reliving moments from their unforgettable rafting trip.