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A Winter Message from Woody

Hello from cold and snowy Chicago –

After a very busy January, which took me around the world visiting with new camp families, I was finally able to visit the Realm. They are hard at work on getting ready for summer and it was really nice to see our hard working team in person. The new garage looks amazing and our to-do list to prepare for Opening Day is complete! I am so excited at how close summer is getting and seeing everyone again. Right now, the Realm is filled with snow and ice – Chuck was clearly more sure footed then me.

Thanks to our amazing staff and to all of your recommendations and referrals we are ahead of last year’s enrollment. Without you sharing your amazing stories of camp and your campers experiences we wouldn’t be able to continue to share our summer home with new families each year. I cannot thank you enough for all the referrals and kind words you share. We are about to close 4 groups for this summer! Each group has a specific number of kids allowed in, this way we can provide the perfect CRH experience for each camper.

As I write this email, for the first time in CRH history all 8 of our girl group leaders from summer 2019 come from the same group as campers. To think that all these summers later – 8 bunkmates are about to help run girls camp together, sharing their experiences and friendship with younger campers. Each time I say that it proves everything that is right about our camp! My goal is for this to happen again very soon and as often as possible. Our incoming first-year aide groups will continue that tradition and provide the energy and passion for another great summer! They will be backed up by our great administration with 3 new additions of the next generation of CRH leaders. These 3 new admin staffers, who are all school teachers, are some of my favorite former campers and will provide a bridge between the Brass and our current campers and staff.

There are so many exciting things happening for this summer! We are planning some major changes to our Saxon/Scribe excursion. Plus I have been meeting with fellow camp owners for months now getting new ideas and insights from their experiences. I hope to implement some of these ideas, tweaked to fit with the CRH mission, and they will help us run an even better camp for years to come.

That’s all for now – thanks again for all your support and sharing your kids with me. Don’t forget the 100-days to Opening Day is coming up soon!


Best of 2019 – Camp Robin Hood One of the Best US Summer Camps

What an honor! We were listed as One of The Best Summer Camps in the USA for 2019 by Newsweek!

In addition to the Best Summer Camps list, Newsweek highlights the importance of camps being accredited by the American Camp Association. “ACA accreditation shows a camp’s commitment to the safest and highest standards in organized camp,” explains Tom Rosenberg, president/CEO of the American Camp Association.

Camp provides children with a community of caring adults, who nurture experiential education that results in self-respect and appreciation for human value.

Below is an excerpt of the Camp Robin Hood NH highlight:

It is our responsibility to provide your child with a structured, supportive environment, in which they will develop lasting friendships, gain personal insight into the importance of mutual respect, grow as they seek out new experiences, and gain self-confidence through success. Camp Robin Hood combines the exceptional facilities of an east coast camp with a friendly Midwestern culture.

Read more about CRH on Newsweek here.

Camp Robin Hood Vocabulary

Going into summer at camp can be scary the first time and even stranger if you don’t know what everyone is talking about! At Robin Hood we have some unique terms that we use around camp. Here’s a sneak peek of some of the words you’ll hear this summer:

Andy Friedman
Founder of Camp Robin Hood in 1927 and was its first director. Andy ran CRH with his wife Duff until the 1970s.

Andy Says
There are quotes written by Andy Friedman on blocks of cement and signs all around camp. See if you can find them all!

The circle of Adirondack chairs located in the quad where many campers and staff get together to talk, play circle games, eat snacks, and more. Many former campers favorite memories were made at the Adirondack chairs!

Boy’s Campfire
A weekly campfire for boys camp. During the first fire of the summer, all the new campers are introduced to the rest of boys camp by their camp big brothers.

Each bunk has benches outside where the group convenes before going to any sort of activity or camp function. The group leader has the group count-off to make sure every camper is there before proceeding to the next activity.

The Brass
The leadership team at CRH full of administrators (i.e. Chuck, Diane, Woody, Michelle, Scott, Lizz)

Counselor in Training. The Saxons and Scribes (oldest campers who are 16 going into their junior year of high school) fall under that category.

The method of making sure all the campers are present. They are each given a count- off number and they shout them out in order. Count-off is especially crucial at the Waterfront and when the group is out of camp.

Candy Canteen
A group can earn time at the Candy Canteen. The GL (Group Leader) can take the group to the office where they can pick one candy bar of their choice

Cozy Corner
An ice cream shop outside of camp that is very, very good. Groups can get a special trip to Cozy Corner with The Brass throughout the summer

At the end of camp, each group goes on a trip out of camp to various places of entertainment and such.

Evening Activity
This activity takes place after dinner and is the final activity of the day. Each GL along with their staff will plan a fun activity. This could be a boat ride around the lake or a game of infection. The possibilities are endless

During Green and White (color war), each team makes a team flag that is hung in the dining hall until the following summer when they are then moved and displayed in the Chuck Illig Playhouse with decades of other flags.

Flashlight time
A time before bed where campers can take time to themselves to read, write letters, color, and anything else they choose to do before bed.

Founder’s Day
The day each group in camp presents a gift to the camp at a banquet dinner. Traditionally held on the camp’s founder, Andy Friedman’s, birthday. Founder’s day presents are put all around camp to be seen by the rest of camp for years.

(First Year Aid): A first-year staff member who was previously a camper at Robin Hood. These staff members are typically going into their Senior year of High School (12th grade).

Girl’s Campfire-A weekly campfire for girls camp on Sunday nights. At the first campfire of the summer, every new camper is introduced to the rest of girls camp by their camp “big sister”. We sing Robin Hood songs, and learn girls camp cheers!

Green and White
Robin Hood’s color war. The entire camp is split into two teams for 5 days and competes in a wide array of activities such as land sports, water sports, drama, art, and more!

A Group Leader oversees an entire bunk of campers and staff.

General Staff: General staff are counselors who are not yet a GL but not the AGL. They are with the campers all day.

The period of time after lunch where campers clean the bunk. Campers get rewarded for having a clean bunk!  

A period in the day where campers can select an area that they would like to focus on for the week. There’s an activity for every camper to become more experienced in by participating in intensive periods!

Former Green and White counselor captains who return every year during the 5 days of Green and White to officiate the games, and reunite with friends and former campers. To become a judge is one of the highest honors at Robin Hood!

John Klein
The director who took over camp after Andy passed in the 19070s. When he retired D.C., Woody, and Sol took over. John was a camper, outstanding counselor, and leader at Camp Robin Hood for many years.  

The Marina
A marina is located on the far right side of the lake where campers may visit on a double period to canoe, kayak/ and more.

The Magic in the Trees
The culture of Robin Hood that sets it apart from other camps. You’ll feel the magic all around camp!

Ogunquit/Beach Day
One day out of the summer we take the entire camp to Ogunquit Beach, Maine for a day of fun in the sun.

A camping trip for junior campers where they get to pitch a tent, build a fire, make dinner, and sit around a campfire under the stars at night.

Pizza Barn
A delicious pizza restaurant in Ossipee that campers and staff have gone to for 30+ years.

Parents Visiting Day. Where parents get to reunite with their children, meet the staff, and see camp.

The Realm
The nickname for Robin Hood for decades!

Meeting place located beside the quad where campers and staff may gather during free time.

The bugle sounds for the morning wake-up time.

Secret Summer Sister
Also called “SSS”. Each member of girls camp draws the name of another girl in camp to secretly give gifts to throughout the summer.

Specialty staff
Specialty staff are counselors who run specific activities (sailing, archery, etc.)

The bugle sound for bedtime at  9:00pm.

The set of trees in deep left field on the Home Run Diamond. Hitting trees is a home run and considered a great achievement for campers.

Scribe song– the oldest girl’s group is known to come up with their own song that they will sing together in the talent show each year.

Senior Girl’s Quad
The newest bunks for the older girls! Complete with a ping pong table, carpet ball, and a firepit for s’mores!

Carpet ball
A favorite boys camp porch game.

Scribe/ Saxon Speeches
Where the oldest group of campers can reflect on their time at Robin Hood, and give advice to younger campers. These speeches are typically held on the second to last night of camp.

Meet the Brass at Camp Robin Hood – Chuck Illig

With more than 150 combined summers at camp our Leadership Team, affectionately called “The Brass” by campers, staff, and alumni, understands the unique responsibility of preserving the Robin Hood experience. In this series of blogs, you’ll meet each member of The Brass as they share some of their favorite memories of summers in the Realm.

Meet Chuck Illig, who has been at Camp Robin Hood for over 50 years! Chuck has the best stories, knows the most CRH history, and is the most quotable out of all of us. As Head Counselor he is an inspiration and guide for our leadership team, campers, and staff. Summer doesn’t start until Chuck greets the buses!

  • Name: Chuck Illig
  • Camp Nickname: Chuck
  • Years at Camp Robin Hood: I just finished my 53rd summer in 2018
  • Position at Robin Hood:  Head Counselor / Director of Operations
  • What’s Your Favorite Camp Memory: Every opening day, the moment when the buses pull in – there is just nothing like it.
  • Favorite place in the Realm: Can’t pinpoint one – just love being there.
  • Favorite Camp Song, Quote or Food: “Friends, Friends, Friends” as that is what camp is all about.
  • What does magic in the trees mean to you: Just like the trees – you come here, you grow, and camp grows on you.

The best quotes come from Chuck!

  • Advice to young campers: Try everything, stay all summer for the whole taste of camp – you will be glad you did.

Meet The Brass at Camp Robin Hood – Scott Rimer

With more than 150 combined summers at camp our Leadership Team, affectionately called “The Brass” by campers, staff, and alumni, understands the unique responsibility of preserving the Robin Hood experience. In this series of blogs, you’ll meet each member of The Brass as they share some of their favorite memories of summers in the Realm.

Meet Scott Rimer, who has been our Athletic Director for 3 years and has over 20 years of summer camp experience before joining us. Scott also has the task of coordinating all of our campers favorite out of camp trips and excursions each summer.

  • Name: Scott Rimer
  • Camp Nickname: Scotty
  • Years at Camp Robin Hood: I just completed my 3rd summer in 2018
  • Position at Robin Hood: Director of Athletics and out of camp trips
  • What’s Your Favorite Camp Memory: Obviously beating West End this year or anytime I get to go on an excursion with the Foresters of 2018
  • Favorite place in the Realm: The back porch of the office or the upper basketball court
  • Favorite Camp Song, Quote or Food: There is an “Andy Says” quote right outside my bunk on a set of steps. It reads, “Look forward, not backwards.” I look at it at least once a day and find that it means so much not only at camp, but also in life.
  • What does magic in the trees mean to you: It means that there is some force, some impetus, some dynamic energy that exists at Robin Hood, probably from all the happy people who came before, that drives people to be one. It drives people to be kind and loving. It drives people to be accepting and tolerant. It drives people to break out of their comfort zone and live free of all the implications of the world if only for seven weeks. The “magic” does not discriminate between boys and girls, between young and old, between Americans and foreigners, or between campers and staff. It is truly a feeling you get as soon as you pass under the front gate sign. Lucky for us it gets trapped by all the majestic trees that cover the campus.

    “Do not take anything for granted. Try it all. Learn from your failings and try again.” -Scott

  • Advice to young campers: Do not take anything for granted. Try it all. Learn from your failings and try again. Have no regrets when you make your Saxon/Scribe (your final summer as a camper) speeches. Then take all that this place has given you and give it back to your campers when you are on staff.

You can learn more about The Brass, the leadership team at Camp Robin Hood, here. If you’d like to learn more about summers in The Realm and enrolling your child contact us today!