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Greetings from the Realm! 


It was so lovely seeing all of you parents last Saturday. The kids were so happy to show you guys their home away from home! Although it was a sad goodbye, the kids jumped right back into their activities and groups, and spirits have been so high since. 


Our three oldest groups on camp have gotten the opportunity to leave camp for three days and go white water rafting up in Maine. The boys already got back, and the girls are on their trip right now and are having such a blast. Letting kids off camp again for mini excursions like this feels so good. 


Now, let’s get to the good stuff. As most of you know, Green and White is right around the corner. Fake breaks are happening left and right, and the kids are just waiting for the authentic hats and canes to be brought out! As a counselor captain last summer, it has been such a fantastic experience for me to be on this side of Green and White. I have learned how much effort, time, and thought goes into this special tradition that Robin Hood holds. As a camper and counselor, I was clueless about the behind-the-scenes of the break, the captains, the scheduling, and more. However, I now am able to see the logistics and processes taken to make this such a unique five days of the summer. I am so grateful I get to have this opportunity to take part in the planning and judging of Robin Hoods Color War. 

All this Green and White talk is getting me too excited!! Can it break already!?!?!


Sweet dreams from the Realm! 

Sunday Morning feelt like the morning after New Year’s Eve up here. What a celebration and perfect day Saturday was! However unlike New Year’s Day we were full steam ahead all day. On Sunday, the 3 oldest boys groups left for a 3 day white water rafting journey. We have rented out the entire lodging complex to ensure our safety. Our 3 oldest girls groups will head up today to experience the same adventure.

When walked into lunch on Sunday totally tired and worn out. It took about 90 seconds to snap out of that mood.  The place was rocking with Green and White chants all meal long. Every group was signing to the music and loving each day like it was our last here at the Realm.

Although we were sad to see some of our friends leave, it is gratifying knowing that there are still over two weeks left to go in the summer of 2022.  We have some major events planned with what I think is the best part of the summer ahead of us.

In closing I hope you now know how great this place is. As I am sure you all have figured out we have the best and most devoted staff in camping. They get all your kids and understand what a major role they can play in their lives. Our staff filled with mostly X-campers are truly the secret sauce to the success of CRH.

Thanks again for your trust and taking this journey with me.


What a day… in 95 summers at CRH we have had some incredible moments here at the Realm. Watching some 550+ family members running to find their campers will stand out in my mind forever. Yes we opened during Covid and have had record numbers here at CRH this summer. But seeing everyone tested and reunited with their children is a personal best for me. We accomplished again what many were unwilling to even try and proved once more that science and common sense always win out.

Thank you so much for your trust in my incredible team here at CRH. Thanks for continuing this journey together with us again. But most of all thank you for sharing your kids with us in the most magical place in the world. I started my CRH career in 1973 and don’t think any day has made me more proud than today did.

Together we have proven that nothing stops Camp Robin Hood. I know that Andy Friedman and John Klein are looking down at us with big smiles ….


Hi from the Realm! 


It was another hot one today, but that didn’t bother anybody. Kids were still out on the fields and in the lake all day. 


We are one day away from our parent’s visiting day, and we cannot wait to meet everyone! The kids are so excited to share their second home with you all. However, not everyone’s parents are able to come up to Freedom and see their kids. Nevertheless, we made it possible for all kids to be able to see and talk to their parents. Today we set up ipads all around the office, and kids whose parents aren’t able to attend visiting day were able to zoom into a call with their kids. The zoom calls were an excellent alternative for the kids whose parents are not coming, and we are so happy that it was such a success! Campers were walking out of the office with huge smiles on their faces after sharing some memories and stories with their families about their summer so far. 


It looks like it will be a fantastic day tomorrow for PVD. However, it will be hot and sweaty, so wear lots of sunscreen and drink a ton of water. We are so grateful and excited that parents visiting day has returned since our last one in 2019. We hope you are all as eager and excited as we are for you to come to this magical place.


See you tomorrow! 

Greetings from the Realm!

It has been a very hot and steamy last couple of days here in Freedom. The Saxons and Scribes (and I tagged along as well) got to escape and head to Ogunquit yesterday for some sun and surf…not to
mention some boardwalk fare. A great time was had by all! We came home last night to a dance in the barn. Our annual pickleball tournament is under way as is our Camper/Staff tennis tournament with many matches being played yesterday and today. Great traditions! But aren’t they all.

We cannot wait to see everyone Saturday for PVD. We have a lot to share with you including memories of the summer so far, accomplishments, A&C projects, new friends, our new pickleball courts and our new whiffleball field. Also be on the lookout for our new “little free libraries”. We have partnered with that company to provide a service for our campers to have a book exchange. We stocked them with books we thought everyone would like including over 40 Newberry Award books. There is one on boys’ camp and one on girls’ camp. Saturday is truly going to be a great day! Many of you have not been here in a couple years and even more of you have not been here at all for a PVD. Make sure to stop and say hi.

Finally getting a little rain this afternoon. The grass certainly needs it, but it doesn’t slow us down. Only good weather from here on out. As Dick Roberts would say, “Think Blue!”

See you soon