Sunday Morning feelt like the morning after New Year’s Eve up here. What a celebration and perfect day Saturday was! However unlike New Year’s Day we were full steam ahead all day. On Sunday, the 3 oldest boys groups left for a 3 day white water rafting journey. We have rented out the entire lodging complex to ensure our safety. Our 3 oldest girls groups will head up today to experience the same adventure.

When walked into lunch on Sunday totally tired and worn out. It took about 90 seconds to snap out of that mood.  The place was rocking with Green and White chants all meal long. Every group was signing to the music and loving each day like it was our last here at the Realm.

Although we were sad to see some of our friends leave, it is gratifying knowing that there are still over two weeks left to go in the summer of 2022.  We have some major events planned with what I think is the best part of the summer ahead of us.

In closing I hope you now know how great this place is. As I am sure you all have figured out we have the best and most devoted staff in camping. They get all your kids and understand what a major role they can play in their lives. Our staff filled with mostly X-campers are truly the secret sauce to the success of CRH.

Thanks again for your trust and taking this journey with me.


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