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We had a very full day today at The Realm……
It started out at 6:30am when some campers went fishing with Rick off the dock. At least 3 of
them caught a few! At Breakfast, Woody announced that the TP’s, the Jugglers and the Saxons
were going to hike Rattlesnake Mountain this morning. And the Scouts, Tumblers and the
Scribes were going to go after lunch. It’s a short hike located in Center Sandwich, NH. From the
summit, you can see Squam Lake. If you are ever able to do this hike, I highly recommend it.
The view was spectacular! The 15 and under Basketball Team had their first practice today. They are looking good and getting ready to play the upcoming WEST END game. It’s been 3 years and we can’t wait to cheer on our boys. Camp was buzzing with activities all day. We had the Arrows at Wiffle Ball, the Shires and the Scribes did Yoga in the morning. Groups were at crafts, woodshop, drama and of course the waterfront, just to name a few.
At dinner the Scribes challenged the Saxons to a game of soccer under the lights! The TPJ’s
challenged our health center staff to a game of bombardment. There were also multiple games
of “camper hunt” this evening. I even saw a few groups getting candy canteen!

We will all sleep well tonight.
Sweet dreams from the Realm!

What a beautiful day in the Realm. Those that woke early this morning were out catching fish
on the docks with Rick and Coach Carl. The trout and mackerel are running in Lake Ossipee.
On the fields today, our new Blitzball/wiffleball field was swarmed each activity. Balls are flying
over the fence at a rate that is baffling our stat crew. At the woodshop, wooden keychains are
being designed, cut, etched and stained. I don’t think you can count the number of bracelets
being made, but space on wrists is starting to fill up. Frisbees are flying in ultimate games and
our dance studio is busy.
The basketball courts are busy as negotiations have begun to set up the West End games.
Threes are dropping, feet are moving and tons of passes are being sent into the paint towards
the hoop.
More and more children are passing their deep-water test and getting their chance to go out on
the waterski boats, paddle sports and sailboats.
For dinner – for those of us who have been here before, Wednesday is cookout night – Saxons
and Scribes were on the grills flipping burgers, dogs, chicken and veggies (for those scoring at
home). A Great feast was had by all.
After evening activities tonight, sunset was beautiful and the lake was calm again our Scouts,
Tinkers and Pagers are asleep, and we can’t wait for another awesome day of camp. Good night
parents, good night tunes, good night camp, good night loon.

Sweet Dream From The Realm

What a busy day we had today in the Realm! When we arrived at the flagpole Woody announced that the Foresters and Shires would not be joining us for breakfast. Instead, they were treated to breakfast sandwiches from Dunkin Donuts and then whisked off to play mini golf! After two years of always being on property the kids got a little taste of the outside world – although completely controlled by us. We rented out the entire mini golf course, so our mini bubble remained intact. They had a great time and got to see a little bit of NH from the windows of the bus. Other exciting news from the Realm today – ZUMBA with Waldir has started up once again! People have been begging for it and today the Shires got to participate. The barn was rocking! I also saw the Jesters playing wiffleball on the newly installed Friedman Field. One camper took 2 swings and put 2 balls over the fence – kind of amazing! She got to sign her name on the foul pole. This afternoon the TP’s went on a nice pontoon boat ride and when they got back the Scouts hopped onboard. Our newest campers got to see a little bit of the lake and waved to all the boats passing by. That was a BIG hit! I also noticed that our favorite game invented here at camp – Danish Longball – has returned to the quad after a two-year absence. This game is played exclusively on our quad because of the slight incline of the land and due to the presence of the large dining tents we had to use, Danish Longball was on hiatus. Now it is back and the campers are psyched (so is the staff!). We are heading over to dinner shortly and then it will be time for evening activities. After Taps blows tonight our senior campers will be starting league play “under the lights”. We have rented these huge lights that will allow for awesome soccer, volleyball, basketball and tennis at night. I don’t know what to expect really but I am looking forward to seeing how it all comes together!

And then once again it will be time to call it a day here in the Realm. Another day chock full of activity, laughter, skill and character building here at Robin Hood. It is a gift to be able to see it all unfold.

Sweet dreams from the Realm!



We have had an amazing start to the summer up here at the Realm. I can report that all 18 groups have been through almost every activity at camp. They have started to form a special relationship and closeness that only happens in a camp setting. It has been a pleasure to watch and really warms my heart to see it firsthand. Our staff is made up of some of the most kind and considerate young people I have ever met. They worked so hard during our orientation to make sure that camp was ready to welcome our campers for our 95th consecutive summer. As much as things have changed in our world over the last nine plus decades, this magical place has stayed true to our founder Andy Friedman’s core values. He dreamt of a place where kids could escape the anxiety and stress of the outside world. He built the foundation for the place that thousands of kids call their summer home.
I had tears in my eyes a dozen times today. Tonight at dinner the entire camp sang  “Let it Go” from the movie Frozen. The girls started by singing on their benches and finished with the entire camp on the stage in the dining hall. I love seeing our new family getting so comfortable with each other. Every group is led around camp by general counselors and over 80% of them are former Robin Hood campers. They care so much about your kids and in four short days have grown to love and understand them.
That’s all for now as I have to run to say goodnight to the groups. Another great part of my job…..
Thanks for trusting me with your kids. Sweet dreams from the Realm.