We have had an amazing start to the summer up here at the Realm. I can report that all 18 groups have been through almost every activity at camp. They have started to form a special relationship and closeness that only happens in a camp setting. It has been a pleasure to watch and really warms my heart to see it firsthand. Our staff is made up of some of the most kind and considerate young people I have ever met. They worked so hard during our orientation to make sure that camp was ready to welcome our campers for our 95th consecutive summer. As much as things have changed in our world over the last nine plus decades, this magical place has stayed true to our founder Andy Friedman’s core values. He dreamt of a place where kids could escape the anxiety and stress of the outside world. He built the foundation for the place that thousands of kids call their summer home.
I had tears in my eyes a dozen times today. Tonight at dinner the entire camp sang  “Let it Go” from the movie Frozen. The girls started by singing on their benches and finished with the entire camp on the stage in the dining hall. I love seeing our new family getting so comfortable with each other. Every group is led around camp by general counselors and over 80% of them are former Robin Hood campers. They care so much about your kids and in four short days have grown to love and understand them.
That’s all for now as I have to run to say goodnight to the groups. Another great part of my job…..
Thanks for trusting me with your kids. Sweet dreams from the Realm.

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