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Staff 2015: Where are they now?

Jamie Levine – 2015 Group Leader1

I’ve been enjoying my sophomore year at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and I’m keeping very busy. I’m studying architectural interior design, so I spend long hours in the studio working on designs, models, and projects. I recently supported my sorority, Alpha Phi, in Miami’s Greek Week! It’s sort of like Green and White for Greek life, except it’s way more teams, and way less intense (because nothing is as intense as Green and White). I stay in touch with my camp friends; we talk every single day to stay updated on each other’s lives, and to reminisce on the best summer yet!

My favorite memory from this summer was leading a killer medley with my best friends on song night for the great Green Empire! I’m looking forward to another amazing summer in the Realm in 2016!

Charlie Payne – 2015 Head of Waterfront2

Hey everyone! I’m back in London working at the London 2012 Olympic Pool after another amazing summer at Camp Robin Hood! After working during Family Camp I headed on an incredible once in a lifetime road trip throughout the United States. Starting in Miami, with another counselor, I enjoyed a nice relaxing time in South Beach before heading to the Bahamas on a cruise for a few days. After all of my fun in the sun, I headed out west and rented a car to visit a number of National Parks, including the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley,Zion, Bryce Canyon, Arches and finally Yosemite! After exploring some of America’s most natural wonders and fitting in a quick trip to Las Vegas, I headed over to Monterey Bay, California where I took a boat tour Whale watching and saw some of the Ocean’s largest mammals along with some friendly Dolphins. San Francisco was then the last leg of my US adventure with a visit to the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island before heading back to the UK. I am now finally back home counting down the days until Summer 2016!

My favorite memory from the summer was when the Lancers woke up at 5am to watch the sunrise over Lake Ossipee.

Remember When…

Untitled designRemember the first day of camp? Cleveland and New York buses pulling in one right after the other? Getting to see all of your camp friends and meeting new ones all at once was the perfect way to start she summer.

Remember our first rainy day? “Trash Fash” debuts in Girls’ Camp and the creativity was flowing with two “looks”, day and evening, made out of coffee filters, plastic cups, toilet paper and other items found in your Trash Fash bags? Remember Boys’ Camp’s 3 on 3 indoor basketball tournament sponsored by Pepsi-Co? Great coaching Saxons!

Remember your first campfire? Saxons and Scribes you began your legacy by teaching songs and buddying up with the TPJs.

Remember Robin Hood’s Not-So-Talent Show? DC & Woody starting the “Whip and Nae-Nae” craze for the summer?

Remember July 4th? Waterslides, Fortune Tellers, raffles, games, a dunk-tank, dance party at the beach and the Ice Cream Truck?

Remember Robin Hood Gives Back? Boston Cares visits and talks about veteran awareness. Campers spend time working throughout camp and then cool off with charity laps in Lake Ossipee? How many laps did you swim?

Remember Robin Hood’s So You Think You Can Dance? Taylor vs. Katy, Shia LeBeouf, an Outkast medley to name a few…

Remember when the Court Jesters hooped it up with Robin Hood elite? Entire camp “whips and nae nae’s” on the lower court. Team Robin Hood shows them we’ve got skills with 3’s from Podl but we can’t beat em!

Remember PVD? We started the weekend with the talent show which was so much fun! Remember Saturday, the weather was perfect… not too hot and not too cold. Remember playing and enjoying the magic in the trees with your families?

Remember Excursion week… anxiously waiting to see when you were leaving and where you were headed?  All the fun exploring New England with your groups? Junior camp has the Realm to themselves for 3 days…

Remember Founder’s Day? Celebrating RH milestones, gifting camp with incredible additions including a new Briar says…, lots of items honoring Chuck’s 50th Summer and a Fake Break too!

Remember Green & White? A 5:50am drumline wakeup call to lead you throughout camp? DC & Woody on jet skis with honorable judges on speedboats behind them to announce the beginning of the best five days of the summer!

Remember Robin Hood running on Dunkin for lazy day with team dinners that night?

Remember the last few days of camp? Amazing energy at activities, GL swap day, Scribe and Saxon speeches, sunsets and group bonding?

Remember the last day of camp? Getting your phones back and setting up Robin Hood group chats because ‘campsickness’ is a real thing!!!!

Remember 2-0-1-5 Keeping Andy’s dream alive.  Best friends from the start, we’ll never part.  Our love won’t fade…

Hello From The Realm!

It’s hard to believe it’s been 6 weeks (or more) since we were together in The Realm.  Summer 2015 brought us some incredible memories. We had amazing weather with only a few rainy days; a record number of campers successfully hiked Mt. Washington, a nail-biting Green & White competition kept everyone guessing until the final scores were read and a summer filled with celebrations as we honored Chuck’s 50th summer.

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Now that you’re back in school, we know schedules can get really busy. We encourage you to stay in touch with your camp friends and reminisce about the summer at Robin Hood. While we are screen free during the summer, we hope you are in communication with each other in group chats  –  we love that Robin Hood is not just a ‘summer’ camp! Take time to talk to your family about your favorite 2015 memories, this year’s excursions or create a RH 2015 playlist and have a dance party in your dining room. Before we know it, we’ll all be dancing in the Dining Hall in the summer of 2016.

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As for what’s happening in the world of Robin Hood right now…

  •      We have a record number of sign ups for 2016
  •      The yearbook is being finalized and getting ready to print
  •      Junior Camp Boys’ bathrooms are being re-done
  •      NYC Reunion Slideshow is in the works

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Living 10 for 2 means we still have quite some time until we’re back in The Realm. Please stay in touch with us and let us know if you’ve “spotted” some Robin Hooders. Email or text us with your photos and you just might see it on Facebook, Instagram or in an upcoming newsletter.


DC & Woody