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Share the Magic In The Trees

“Let’s take our hearts for a walk in the woods and listen to the magic whispers of old trees.”


Anyone who has experienced Camp Robin Hood knows about the “magic in the trees.”  The Realm is truly a place like no other. Each summer, campers participate in a day where “Robin Hood Gives Back”, working with various populations who have overcome hardships. At Camp Robin Hood, we find importance in creating a diverse camp environment, while simultaneously heightening the awareness and sensitivity of our campers to others’ unique backgrounds. We are proud to be a camp that gives back and even more pleased that this has carried over into our camper’s and alumnus’ personal lives.

The Magic in the Trees Foundation, Inc. was established in 2013 by a group of Robin Hood alumnus, including Andrew Arnot, Eli Fuchsberg, Duncan Mendelsohn and Emily Schorr. Camp Robin Hood had a huge influence on their growth as individuals and because of that they were driven to create an opportunity to provide the same experience to other young men and women.  Since it was founded, Magic in Trees Foundation has been able to send a family with 2 children to camp and is excited to send them to The Realm again this upcoming summer.


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On June 6th, 2015 the second annual Green & White Softball Game in Central Park was hosted by the Magic in the Trees Foundation. Generations of Robin Hood Alumni (and their future RH offspring) gathered in New York City for some friendly competition “Green & White” style.  While the sun was shining and the weather was a 10, the fields were closed due to rain earlier in the week.  In true Robin Hood fashion, everyone at the event rallied, beans were picked, and the first Green & White “paddle ball” game was played!


Magic in the Trees Foundation is a 501c3 organization, making your 2015 donations eligible for tax deductions. The support from RH alumni has been amazing and while they haven’t met their 2015 goal, yet, they are committed to sending even more children to camp. Green & White in Central Park is just the beginning. To find out more about Magic in the Trees Foundation or to donate, please visit To get involved and participate in fundraising ideas, contact

Summer Camp Report – Day Six in the Realm

Our 15 & Under Boys Basketball Team was at the court this morning at 7:30am preparing for our big rival game tomorrow night against West End. The first of two games this summer will be played in “The House,” which is what West End is referred to. All of senior camp will be there cheering on our boys!

After breakfast, three camps came into Robin Hood for a Girls 15 & Under Basketball Tournament. All the courts were in play all day, and three Robin Hood teams were represented in the tournament. Our Saxons and Scribes greeted the guest players, and helped with scoring and refereeing the games. It was a seamless tournament and all the girls played with terrific heart and soul.

The Archers left mid-morning for a climb up Chocorua via the Chapney Falls Trail. After their climb and a picnic lunch, the boys enjoyed a special outing to Ben & Jerry’s to celebrate one of the camper’s birthdays. The group set-up camp outside of North Conway and cooked a hearty dinner over their campfire. We look forward to seeing the boys back in the Realm after breakfast tomorrow.

Squires also enjoyed a day and night in the White Mountain region, leaving camp early this afternoon for a mountain trip and sleepover. These boys climbed Baldface around Emerald Pool, and then headed to their campsite for dinner and sleeping. The group was really excited for their adventure!

At the Robin Hood Stables our riders enjoy both riding and stable management. They help with grooming and feeding the horses, and of course enjoy riding our furry friends. When our horseback riders return to camp, one of the first places they go is to the Stables to see which of their equine friends have returned. Returning this summer are Blue, JD, Gidget, Joey and Lily. New to the Realm this year are Spirit, Rudy, Davinci, Roxy and Aztec.

Those of us in camp tonight enjoyed Nicky’s BBQ chicken dinner, with fresh corn on the cob, homemade potato salad, coleslaw and cornbread. Our vegetarians enjoyed amazing stuffed portabella mushrooms and BBQ Kale! Thanks, Nicky for a delicious finish to the day.

Wishing you all sweet dreams from the Realm.