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Green and White Day 2

Hi my name is Callum, and I am a Yeomen. This is my sixth year at camp and I love camp. A couple days ago, Green and White broke, and I was excited because Green and White is my favorite part of the summer and I anticipate it for the whole year. This morning, I left breakfast early  because I was chosen to  do the island swim for my team.  Then the rest of camp competed in a swim meet. The swim was really fun because I like to swim and watch swimming. I really enjoy Green and White because the intensity with all my friends is fun. After the swim meet we had lunch and then moved on to compete in other sports like volleyball and danish long ball. Everyone fought really hard today.

Sweet Dreams from The Realm

Happy to be back in The Realm

Greetings Robin Hood Family from my favorite place on earth.  I am a visiting judge of nearly 30 years and what I witnessed today was pure magic in the trees.  From the youngest girls and boys all the way through male and female staff, I saw every single member of the Robin Hood community giving 100% in everything they did. Soccer, basketball, volleyball, football and even cracker eating; campers and staff worked together towards a common goal…having fun.

I have seen many color wars throughout my years at Robin Hood.  Today was special.  There was so much team spirit and camaraderie among the groups, I couldn’t help but stop and watch in amazement.  The campers and staff at Robin Hood have such a special bond.  I saw Green and White team members walking arm in arm after they competed.  After playing hard on the field, they were laughing and having fun as they went on to their next competition.

I feel so lucky to be part of such a special place.  Tonight, I’ll revel in Pizza Barn with the judges and enjoy every second I have at the Realm.

Sweet Dreams from The Realm

A Summer Note From A Young Camper

Hi, my name is Ben Snyder! I’m 9 years old and I’m a TPJ at Robin Hood. Why Robin Hood you ask? First, my parents met here around 1989. My parents said I should come here because they went here and they said it was awesome. I was unsure about it but now that I’m here I’m not unsure and I love it. I plan on being here for at least 20 years. I really want to be a Color War Captain, so I’m going to stay until I am!

I love camp and here are my reasons: When you look at the sky and you smell, it smells like the country. Also, they have waterski and tubing and you don’t have that at other camps. It’s about 165 acres of beautifulness. There are also so many nice people and the counselors are all nice.

Today, we learned how to play volleyball. We also went tubing and somehow I didn’t fall in. At drama today our group was excited. Then at tennis, I played my cousin and he only won by a little bit. Next time I hope to win.

I’m very excited for Color War (Green & White) because it will be my first time. I’m excited for the break and I think it will break during Founder’s night on Monday night. Something crazy will happen like Woody will run into the barn yelling, “Oh my god it’s Green and white oh my god oh my god oh my god!” Overall this summer has been a 10/10!

Sweet Dreams from The Realm

A Note From a First Year Aide

When I first heard the saying “Come for a summer, stay for a lifetime” I didn’t believe it. I pulled into camp, an alumni’s daughter, and I didn’t even know how I was going to say goodbye to my parents for 4 weeks. But, 3 days into camp I wrote to my parents begging to stay 7 weeks, and that is how I know camp is as special as it is.

Hi! My name is Paige Chestler and it’s my 8th summer at camp. 1st on staff making me a first-year aide (FYA). I’m a counselor for the Jesters, the 10-year-old girls group, and I couldn’t be happier. Last year as a Scribe I watched the other counselors to try and get an idea of how my summer could look like the following year, and it is just how I perceived it to be, the most rewarding adventure I could have asked for. This first summer on staff posed many new experiences from transitioning from being a camper. But with the help of many returning counselors, I easily found my groove and went on to create even more amazing memories in the Realm.

Being at camp, you are given so many amazing opportunities that you would not get in your everyday life outside of camp. For example, today I joined an optional junior camp mountain hike. With a group of Jesters, Archers, and Bows, we made the short ride to Rattlesnake Mountain in Holderness, NH. From being on this hike, it reminded me of another reason that I love camp. The friendships and bonds you make are forever life-changing and being on staff just furthers the relationships you can make with the younger kids as a senior camper. The entirety of the hike (up and down the mountain) I had a kid in each hand, not even out of tiredness or boredom, just the love of their hearts for wanting to be the first 3 girls up the mountain. I am happy to say that we accomplished this goal. After making the short trek back down we took all the happy hikers to Cozy Corner for ice cream and seeing the smiles on their faces when we pulled in warms my heart every day.

Being at camp for 8 summers now, I wish I could be living in my campers shoes-still having multitudes of time ahead. But I wouldn’t give up the summers I’ve already had for the world. Camp is that amazing of a place where it is impossible to wake up and not know that every day is going to be a new adventure. Through the good and the bad, camp is the most special place of them all.

My one piece of advice for anyone coming to camp, seeing camp, or anything in between, is to never waste a minute being here. Time is the ultimate enemy, and the memories and friendships here change your life forever.

Sweet Dreams from the Realm

Camper Newsletter: These N’ Those Issue #2

Greetings from the Realm!

It was a beautiful day here at Robin Hood. Junior camp girls kicked off the morning with a hike up green mountain, alongside our awesome program director and most honorable judge, Josh Podl. Junior camp boys did the same in the afternoon, and both groups earned a reward — ice cream at Cozy Corner down the road!

The Saxons and Scribes had their first full day after returning from Canada; they got to spend the full day with one another, enjoying their last few weeks of being campers. By dinner, almost all of camp had returned from excursions and the dining hall felt electric again – friends hugged after being apart only a few days and kids once again danced on benches to music. 

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We’re about to get into evening activities – it’s looking like another beautiful sunset on Lake Ossipee is in store!

Sweet dreams from the Realm…

Sam Jonas 

TNT Issue 2