A Summer Note From A Young Camper

Hi, my name is Ben Snyder! I’m 9 years old and I’m a TPJ at Robin Hood. Why Robin Hood you ask? First, my parents met here around 1989. My parents said I should come here because they went here and they said it was awesome. I was unsure about it but now that I’m here I’m not unsure and I love it. I plan on being here for at least 20 years. I really want to be a Color War Captain, so I’m going to stay until I am!

I love camp and here are my reasons: When you look at the sky and you smell, it smells like the country. Also, they have waterski and tubing and you don’t have that at other camps. It’s about 165 acres of beautifulness. There are also so many nice people and the counselors are all nice.

Today, we learned how to play volleyball. We also went tubing and somehow I didn’t fall in. At drama today our group was excited. Then at tennis, I played my cousin and he only won by a little bit. Next time I hope to win.

I’m very excited for Color War (Green & White) because it will be my first time. I’m excited for the break and I think it will break during Founder’s night on Monday night. Something crazy will happen like Woody will run into the barn yelling, “Oh my god it’s Green and white oh my god oh my god oh my god!” Overall this summer has been a 10/10!

Sweet Dreams from The Realm

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