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Happy to be back in The Realm

Greetings Robin Hood Family from my favorite place on earth.  I am a visiting judge of nearly 30 years and what I witnessed today was pure magic in the trees.  From the youngest girls and boys all the way through male and female staff, I saw every single member of the Robin Hood community giving 100% in everything they did. Soccer, basketball, volleyball, football and even cracker eating; campers and staff worked together towards a common goal…having fun.

I have seen many color wars throughout my years at Robin Hood.  Today was special.  There was so much team spirit and camaraderie among the groups, I couldn’t help but stop and watch in amazement.  The campers and staff at Robin Hood have such a special bond.  I saw Green and White team members walking arm in arm after they competed.  After playing hard on the field, they were laughing and having fun as they went on to their next competition.

I feel so lucky to be part of such a special place.  Tonight, I’ll revel in Pizza Barn with the judges and enjoy every second I have at the Realm.

Sweet Dreams from The Realm

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