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Remember When : 2014 Edition


Remember when everyone arrived in the Realm? Meeting your groups and unpacking that first night, getting the bunks all set up and introducing everyone to each other? 

Remember Fourth of July? Yes, it was a little rainy, but that didn’t stop us! Remember the ice cream truck, two ice creams per person! Remember the fair food and the color run? 

Remember Final Four Day? The Parrots, Zebras, Goldfish and Tigers all put up a good fight led by your Saxons and Scribes. Congrats to the 2014 Final Four winners, the Parrots! 

Remember So You Think You Can Dance and all the amazing acts? There was some Miley, Footloose, and of course the unforgettable Saxon Broadway Medley. 

Remember desserts at camp? Oreo mush, fresh baked cookies, Oreo ice cream bars, brownies, and Sunday Sundaes?

Remember our Dining Hall Dance Parties? From mosh pits to conga lines we really know how to get down. Remember the songs of the summer? Dark Horse, Problem, Classic, And We Danced, Shower? 

Remember taking the whole camp to Ogunquit for Beach Day? Remember the boardwalk and the cold ocean water? Remember the crazy fog!? We all went back to camp together and had a delicious BBQ at the lake. 

Remember Founder’s Day and all the amazing gifts you all presented to the Realm? Remember the video fake break that had you all fooled!? 

Remember color war breaking in the dining hall? Remember seeing all the judges dancing on the field? Remember the epic tug of war and the moving song night? The Green Heroes and White Mafia competed for five tough days and in the end the Green Heroes came out victorious. Congrats to everyone

Where Are They Now?



Nikki Zeller

I’m back in school at Georgetown, studying nursing. I am also giving campus tours and participate in a club that does random acts of kindness around campus. I love to walk to the monuments on the weekends. One of the best perks of being in DC is getting to see the famous EHow who goes to American University, just up the road from Georgetown.

Favorite camp memory: My favorite camp memory from this summer is the night the Jesters did a fashion show for evening activity!

Andy Brennan

I’m back working on building sites in Birmingham! It’s feels like a million miles away from The Realm, there’s no magic in these trees. I’m also in pre-session training for my local rugby team, we’re aiming for promotion into national league 1. A benefit of being home means I get to watch my local football team, Aston Villa, at home with my mates.

Favorite camp memory: The highlight of my summer was watching my Saxons do their dance on Parents’ Visiting Day. They did an amazing job and I am so proud of them.


I am currently in my senior year of high school in Jacksonville, Florida. I am volunteering in many clubs and am the leader of Senior Men for my graduating class. I’m in the process of applying to colleges and am looking at University of Clemson, Wake Forest University, University of Florida, and Auburn University. I’m very interested in the field of business, specifically music and sports marketing and management. Although I live in the sunshine state, I always miss the cool summer days and unbelievable sunsets at camp.

Favorite camp memory: My favorite camp memories from this past summer are watching the Lancers play steal the bacon, going on excursion and going to a minor league baseball game. And most importantly, I hope to be back next summer on staff!

Hello From the Realm!


Hello Robin Hood Campers!

It’s hard to believe that it is already September and everyone is back in school. If you are like us, we think about camp every day. We reminisce on the stories, the trips, the delicious meals and dining hall dance parties that follow.

As summer moves to fall we hope that you are all working hard and enjoying the school year. Before you know it, it will be June and we will all be back in The Realm together. If you are wondering what is going on in the world of Robin Hood, we have started working on the yearbook and the pictures really capture the summer of 2014. The New York Reunion is set and we can’t wait to see everyone at Dylan’s Candy Bar for candy canteen on November 8th!

Although we have to wait a few months to get back, we want to stay in touch with everyone and know what you are up to. If you are ever hanging out with a group of camp friends, make sure to take a photo and send it to and you just might see your picture in an upcoming newsletter. 


Woody and DC