What a busy day we had today in the Realm! When we arrived at the flagpole Woody announced that the Foresters and Shires would not be joining us for breakfast. Instead, they were treated to breakfast sandwiches from Dunkin Donuts and then whisked off to play mini golf! After two years of always being on property the kids got a little taste of the outside world – although completely controlled by us. We rented out the entire mini golf course, so our mini bubble remained intact. They had a great time and got to see a little bit of NH from the windows of the bus. Other exciting news from the Realm today – ZUMBA with Waldir has started up once again! People have been begging for it and today the Shires got to participate. The barn was rocking! I also saw the Jesters playing wiffleball on the newly installed Friedman Field. One camper took 2 swings and put 2 balls over the fence – kind of amazing! She got to sign her name on the foul pole. This afternoon the TP’s went on a nice pontoon boat ride and when they got back the Scouts hopped onboard. Our newest campers got to see a little bit of the lake and waved to all the boats passing by. That was a BIG hit! I also noticed that our favorite game invented here at camp – Danish Longball – has returned to the quad after a two-year absence. This game is played exclusively on our quad because of the slight incline of the land and due to the presence of the large dining tents we had to use, Danish Longball was on hiatus. Now it is back and the campers are psyched (so is the staff!). We are heading over to dinner shortly and then it will be time for evening activities. After Taps blows tonight our senior campers will be starting league play “under the lights”. We have rented these huge lights that will allow for awesome soccer, volleyball, basketball and tennis at night. I don’t know what to expect really but I am looking forward to seeing how it all comes together!

And then once again it will be time to call it a day here in the Realm. Another day chock full of activity, laughter, skill and character building here at Robin Hood. It is a gift to be able to see it all unfold.

Sweet dreams from the Realm!



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