What a beautiful day in the Realm. Those that woke early this morning were out catching fish
on the docks with Rick and Coach Carl. The trout and mackerel are running in Lake Ossipee.
On the fields today, our new Blitzball/wiffleball field was swarmed each activity. Balls are flying
over the fence at a rate that is baffling our stat crew. At the woodshop, wooden keychains are
being designed, cut, etched and stained. I don’t think you can count the number of bracelets
being made, but space on wrists is starting to fill up. Frisbees are flying in ultimate games and
our dance studio is busy.
The basketball courts are busy as negotiations have begun to set up the West End games.
Threes are dropping, feet are moving and tons of passes are being sent into the paint towards
the hoop.
More and more children are passing their deep-water test and getting their chance to go out on
the waterski boats, paddle sports and sailboats.
For dinner – for those of us who have been here before, Wednesday is cookout night – Saxons
and Scribes were on the grills flipping burgers, dogs, chicken and veggies (for those scoring at
home). A Great feast was had by all.
After evening activities tonight, sunset was beautiful and the lake was calm again our Scouts,
Tinkers and Pagers are asleep, and we can’t wait for another awesome day of camp. Good night
parents, good night tunes, good night camp, good night loon.

Sweet Dream From The Realm

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