Greetings from the Realm! 


It was so lovely seeing all of you parents last Saturday. The kids were so happy to show you guys their home away from home! Although it was a sad goodbye, the kids jumped right back into their activities and groups, and spirits have been so high since. 


Our three oldest groups on camp have gotten the opportunity to leave camp for three days and go white water rafting up in Maine. The boys already got back, and the girls are on their trip right now and are having such a blast. Letting kids off camp again for mini excursions like this feels so good. 


Now, let’s get to the good stuff. As most of you know, Green and White is right around the corner. Fake breaks are happening left and right, and the kids are just waiting for the authentic hats and canes to be brought out! As a counselor captain last summer, it has been such a fantastic experience for me to be on this side of Green and White. I have learned how much effort, time, and thought goes into this special tradition that Robin Hood holds. As a camper and counselor, I was clueless about the behind-the-scenes of the break, the captains, the scheduling, and more. However, I now am able to see the logistics and processes taken to make this such a unique five days of the summer. I am so grateful I get to have this opportunity to take part in the planning and judging of Robin Hoods Color War. 

All this Green and White talk is getting me too excited!! Can it break already!?!?!


Sweet dreams from the Realm! 

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