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Day 4 in The Realm

Walking around the Realm these days is like going back in time. Like they have for the last 92 summers children are walking around with big smiles and  tons of energy and excitement. They are playing sports and enjoying our lake like kids should be. We are constantly focused on what is what’s next. What activity are we playing next? What’s for lunch? When I announced at dinner tonight that dessert was fudgesicles – you would have thought that it was New Year’s Eve! Your kids are enjoying and taking in every minute here at the REALM. They are so appreciative of what you guys have allowed them to do. We talked at breakfast about what a privilege it is to be at camp. No one is entitled to this experience. It’s something we all need to be thankful for every day.
16 weeks ago I would have never thought it was possible. 3 weeks ago I would have given my left arm to be here on night 5 of the summer, about to start our second camper test with high hopes. We have now tested our staff 3 times and each camper is about to get their 3rd test. We have accomplished so much and I feel so fortunate to be a part of this. I am also not scared of tomorrow’s results. Two weeks ago I could not sleep before receiving the staff’s second test results. I now have great confidence in our plan and a better understanding of the science behind it. We have proven that we can and will overcome any curveball thrown our way.
Our kids walk around enjoying camp in every way. The only difference is  that they all wear masks. They are all doing the things I dreamed about when this first started. They are picking up trash, helping set up and serve – basically doing whatever it takes at meal times. The bunks were spotless today. We have identified specific bathrooms for every cohort. We are truly a family. A family who looks out for each other and respects the time we have been given up here.
In closing I must say to you exactly what I said to your kids today – to THANK YOU, THEIR FAMILIES in a letter home. Thanks for trusting us and for sharing your kids. Thanks for being a partner in this life changing journey that we all will talk about for forever.
I am the luckiest person in the world to be sitting at this desk….
Sweet dreams from the Realm


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