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Intensives have Begun

Another beautiful day in The Realm. Camp was humming with the excitement generated by the first day of intensives. The tennis courts were bouncing, as were the basketball courts. Drama Heather had campers acting, singing and role playing in our theater! We had campers busy at arts and crafts with jewelry making and ceramics. The woodshop was alive with campers beginning their projects. This week we are also lucky to have a special activity offered – wood engraving and painting. The waterski department was flooded with enthusiastic skiers and boarders eager to improve their skills. Our campers have begun a week of commitment and fun!

The Jesters and Squires climbed two of the mountains in the White Mountain range. They were surely determined to get to the top as today was an especially hot day in New Hampshire! They were all happy when they got home and were ready to relax a bit!! The Archers spent their evening at the waterfront on our new water jungle gym bouncing and sliding and climbing the night away. The Saxons and Scribes spent the night preparing for our fourth of July carnival Our TPJs went on their first fishing expedition and managed to catch three fish – this will be a day to remember!

All in all, it was a hot but busy and gratifying day in The Realm. Our campers made sure to seize the day and make the most of all this magical place has to offer.

Sweet Dreams from The Realm,

The Brass

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