A Summer Update from The Realm

Things are rolling right along in the Realm as we head into the fourth week of the summer. This morning, our five youngest groups (the Scouts, Tumblers, TPJs, Jesters, and Squires) set out on their excursions. The Archers and Bows are not far behind them as they’ll be leaving tomorrow. Meanwhile, the rest of camp is enjoying the wide array of activities that Robin Hood has to offer, particularly the waterfront, which was alive with a Senior Camp beach party this afternoon.

The sport of the day today was volleyball. Forest Acres brought a 15 and under team over to compete against the Shires, who emerged victorious in a best of five matchups. Rest hour after lunch featured a must-see 2 on 2 matchups with Cate and Maggie Shanahan up against Elizabeth Charney and Valentina Scarduelli, our volleyball counselor. The Shanahan sisters ended up winning a tight battle with most of the camp watching intently.

The First Michelle Brockmann 3K Race also took place today before dinner. Archer Colton Stratman defended his previous victory by taking first place. Over 25 campers and staff completed the race in impressive time. Jonas’s Joggers are already looking forward to another 3K race in the future!

Sweet Dreams from The Realm

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