It’s really starting to catch on around here. The kids have been here for almost 100 hours now but it seems like home already. Walking around the Realm and hearing the joy and laughter warms my heart. The 18 groups are becoming separate but equal families. They are acting like brothers and sisters in every way. 

Every year we plan and hope for all the right things. We spend days thinking about all the new things kids need today. This summer has proven again that OUR SECRET SAUCE is all that really matters. Gather kids from around the world and bring them to a safe home led by former campers who are here for the right reason. Our staff is here to continue the legacy of kindness, tradition and friendship that exists so strongly here at the Realm.
We call it “Andy’s Dream” after our founder and first director Andy Friedman. HE was an amazing guy in every way. I was lucky enough to have met him my first summer at CRH back in 1973 as a Juggler. I think about his vision and read old yearbooks constantly to peek into his mindset. Camp Robin Hood like everything in our lives has evolved throughout the years. CRH has made it through the Great Depression, WW2 , Polio outbreaks , H1N1 and now we are fighting our way through covid for the second summer. All with the same principles and goals- provide kids a safe place to be themselves and flourish in the place we all call home surrounded by mountains and laughter …
Thank you again for trusting me with your children …..

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