I cannot believe it has been a full 7 days since we opened camp. The 18 groups are now one giant family. We have dance parties at lunch and sing through most meals. Watching our staff interact with the campers makes me so proud. They understand your kids and are making such nice connections with them. The walls have been torn down as we share victories together and experience all the Realm has to offer.
We had our staff talent show tonight. It’s very important to show the kids that we as adults and leaders are willing to get on stage and step out of our comfort zones. I challenged each camper to do the same while hyping up the rest of the summer. I told them that before we knew it we would be right back in the theatre on closing night. I urged them to enjoy every moment of the days ahead of us while always being kind and respectful.
It is such a pleasure watching this come together from my view. Every year we strive to raise the bar higher. This year with everything going on in the world we all need camp more than ever. The ability to return to our summer home for the 95th consecutive season is not lost on any of us. Andy’s dream is still alive here at the Realm. 95 summers later we still enjoy the freedom we have from the outside world’s issues. Our only question here is what to do next.
Sweet dreams from the Realm

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