A Note From Woody

It’s been a while for me as you all know – things have been moving very quickly up here. I can proudly report that Green and White came down to the final song for the 3rd time in the past 4 years. The competition was spirited and intense from the inaugural first event of “Rubik’s Cube”.

To watch the campers compete for five and a half days was mesmerizing. Those who excelled and shined the brightest were the biggest surprise. Some of them were probably competing under this kind of microscope for the first time. Most groups had events that at one time or another had 100 plus people watching. Our talent show and song night again were two of the many highlights of the week.

Setting the mood as always were our over 80 visiting judges. Sol and I were happy to welcome our former campers and staff members. I was also honored to welcome back captains who I am proud to call friends from my camper summers in the Realm.  George Kazlusky  – Captain from 1974, Jeff and Micheal Cristal – my Yeoman and Friar Group Leaders and captains from 1976 and 1978 were among the guests. Also present was Jeff Holtzer, Captain from 1970 whose granddaughter participated in this year’s war. Guy Blumberg Captain from 1976 with Michael was here too as was Roger Harrison – Captain from 1950. My former campers Danny Tower/Brain Ratner /Adam Lippard/ Justin Swartz/Greg Lippard/Andy Sobel/Matt Baumoel all came back this summer which was a thrill for me. My contemporaries from my staff days – Cathy Hooley/ Patty Hooley/ David Slossberg/Scott Garson also enjoyed another camp visit together. Of course our close friend Scott Menell who I met in 1973 as a Juggler when he was Saxon was here for another great color war. At one point we tabulated the summers spent at CRH as 1028 meeting back at our shared summer home.

It’s the special circle of life up here. The TP’s and Scouts look up to the Saxon and Scribes who look up to their favorites now on staff. The staff members want to become Captains so they can come back and visit each summer. I personally still look to the leaders from my camper days and appreciate their journeys back to camp each summer. After song night we met in my house to discuss life and camp. The idea was floated that all our grandkids will be here soon together. What a thrill it will be to visit this place we call home to watch our grandchildren make their mark on the realm.

I have the greatest job in the world and cannot thank all of you enough for your support and confidence. We don’t always do the right things but always choose the high road as our guiding light and our very best to succeed. As I tell the kids 100% of shots not taken are missed. We shot and ton and worked like crazy to make it all happen…

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  1. Ronnie Smith

    Hi I am Jack and Kendall Ilardo’s Grandma and I must say how much I look forward to going on Camp Robin Hood’s website (every night if I must tell the truth) and look at the pictures and the read the News..To see their faces among all the other wonderful campers staff etc gives me a feeling of happiness joy and peace of mind knowing they are in a safe environment that takes them away from the chaotic world we live in today. Now do not get me wrong I miss them terribly as only a Grandma would lol but so thankful to my children who can afford to give them this opportunity! Camp Robin Hood you stand out from all the others in my book! Thank you for taking such good care of these campers, until next year!


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