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John “Flash” Flaschner

This past June over Father’s Day weekend, I had the opportunity to travel with my son, Robert (Flash), to Dyersville, Iowa – the actual setting where the iconic “Field of Dreams” was filmed, for the movie’s 25th anniversary celebration. Robert and I have watched the movie dozens of times over the years; it’s our favorite and one that we have fond memories of watching together. So to actually be standing on the field in Iowa, alongside Kevin Costner and watching Robert play in a softball game on that very field, was extremely surreal.

At the end of this truly memorable weekend together, I dropped Robert off at Robin Hood for his seventh summer and first as a first year aide with the Lancers. Being back at camp made me think about how similar the experience of seeing the movie set come to life is with going back to RH and “re-living” so many extraordinary experiences. My legacy with Robin Hood began in 1927 when my grandfather was with Andy when camp was founded, and the best summers of my life were spent in the White Mountains. I made many lifelong friendships, and am proud to have grown up with Woody, DC and Sol, and we remain friends to this day.

Sitting in the grandstands, the smell of the boat house, seeing the daddy long-legs under the canoes, walking into the office will make you feel as if you’ve never left this special place. While the traditions of camp are exactly the same, you’d be amazed to see how great the Realm looks today. If you haven’t been back to camp since your own days, I urge you to consider making the pilgrimage sometime soon.

For all of us alumni, Robin Hood is our Field of Dreams.

Emily Schorr and Andrew Arnot

Like all Camp Robin Hood alumni, The Realm holds a very special place in our hearts. And, as the alma matter so accurately says, it’s the friends from camp and lifelong bonds that mean the most to us.

When camp brought us together during the summer of 2006, both Andrew and I had close-knit groups of camp friends. Because of our relationship that group has grown not only in size but also in strength, and a significant contributor to this is living in New York where there is a “solid crew” of Hooders. We’ve played on a CRH volleyball team (shard rules apparently don’t exist outside of The Realm), held Sunday staff meetings at a local bar, and organized a charity softball game in Central Park where the proceeds were used to send two kids of a fallen veteran to camp. We’ve even attempted to recreate classic camp meals like uterus chicken and oreo mush. These activities and events have, and continue to bring together generations of CRH alumni in a fun setting where spouses and children can meet and become part of the camp family.

In addition to participating in out of camp activities, being able to come up for Green & White every summer is something Andrew and I are fortunate to be able to do. Spending a few short days each year in The Realm is a privilege we look forward to year after year and seeing the REALM sign on Ossippee Lake Road and turning into camp is an indescribable feeling that we’re sure many of you are familiar with. Not only does Green & White connect us to the current campers and staff, it allows us to relive the memories we’ve shared with friends and also create new ones.

We are so lucky to call Camp Robin Hood our home, and even luckier to share such a great group of friends that feel the same way.


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