Day 2 In The Realm

We had our first full day of activities today and I was so happy to see our campers running around the realm playing, talking, laughing and smiling! Their energy is infectious and it simply warms my heart. I saw the tumblers playing basketball, the TP’s at soccer, the Friars at the senior waterpark, the bows at tennis and the quills waterskiing – and that was all before lunch! 

Everyone has had 24 hours here now and we are all settling into our new routine. All campers have had their swim tests, they have all had a couple of meals here and know our dining tent procedures and have spent their first night in their new cozy beds. Our groups all had bunk meetings last night to go over expectations and to play some bonding “get to know you” type games. Our little group families are budding and it is such a treat for me to watch them grow. Our photographers are working hard to capture the spirit of what is happening here. They managed to launch almost 500 pictures yesterday – we hope you enjoyed them. They will continue snapping away and we hope to see about that many get posted every day. Activities continued all afternoon on every court, field, and on the lake. After a fabulous roasted chicken dinner with carrots and rice tonight I saw some very creative evening activities including a game of gold rush, bombardment, saxon -yeoman Hunger Games (basically like tag) and spud! I am fairly confident that everyone will be exhausted soon and that we will all sleep well. I am happy to report that after being screen-free for a little over 24 hours now everyone is surviving! Snapchat, Instagram, Tik Tok, and video games will have to learn to live without all of us! Hope that you are adjusting to the peace and quiet in your homes as well as we are adjusting to the giggling, laughter, and general chatter that has filled our camp.


Sweet dreams from the Realm – 



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