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Founders’ Night

Tonight we had our annual Founders’ Night banquet, a birthday celebration in honor of Robin Hood’s founder, Andy Friedman. Our dining hall is transformed into a Hogwarts-esque scene, with tables spanning the length of the room and our campers united elbow to elbow. Campers are served by their Group Leaders and The Brass, and tonight they were delighted to feast on chicken, biscuits, veggies, and apple pie.

After our banquet dinner, the camp assembled in the Chuck Illig Playhouse for the ceremony. DC taught everyone some Robin Hood history and role the Friedman family played in the founding and maintaining of our camp. Traditionally on Founders’ Night, Andy was presented with birthday gifts from our camper groups. In more recent times, the tradition has evolved into presenting gifts for Robin Hood as a whole. Some gifts tonight included an absolutely massive (6+ feet high!) adirondack chair for the quad, towel racks for the bunks, game tables, porch chairs, a bench swing, CDs of Green and White songs, and a bench for the senior camp waterfront. All of our groups (and woodshop staff) put in a tremendous effort and it really showed.

After the group gifts were presented, we then honor our first year, third year, fifth year, and tenth year campers and staff. Our new campers are presented with a Robin Hood nalgene water bottle and our third year campers and staff receive Robin Hood pennants. Fifth year Robin Hood attendees get a 5-year t-shirt and our 10 years received fleece vests, a Robin Hood wardrobe staple.

Founders’ Night is Robin Hood’s Thanksgiving. It is a magical evening filled with tradition, history, and thanks for the place we love more than any other and the people that paved the way. There is something so special about seeing the whole camp united, recalling and celebrating our history….

especially with Green and White around the corner.

Sweet dreams from The Realm.

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