Green and White: Day 4

Day 4 was another jam packed day. In the morning, junior campers participated in a regatta. It was a hot day and everyone was eager for some water activities! Senior campers had regular activities during the morning and had their regatta in the afternoon. Their races included keypads and canoes, whereas junior campers just raced on the keypads. It was an exciting day for all, and the score is still tight!

In the evening, we had our talent show. This is an event in which our campers dedicate the few spare moments of the color war time they have. Both junior campers and senior campers are required to showcase a dramatic skit, a dance, a song, and a gymnastics routine. We saw an incredible showcase of talent this evening. Our junior campers sang us a number from The Lion King and acted a scene from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The amount of effort these kids put into this show is beyond evident. The show was an unbelievable compilation of hard work and talent and our campers should be so proud of their performances! Make sure to check out photos from the website.

Tomorrow is the last day of Green and White. In store, we have flag presentation, speeches, tug of war, the giant relay, and of course song night.

Sweet dreams from The Realm.

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