Meet The Brass at Camp Robin Hood – Lizz Ward

With more than 150 combined summers at camp our Leadership Team, affectionately called “The Brass” by campers, staff, and alumni, understands the unique responsibility of preserving the Robin Hood experience. In this series of blogs, you’ll meet each member of The Brass as they share some of their favorite memories of summers in the Realm.

Meet Lizz Ward, whose official title is Office Manager at Camp Robin Hood but she does so much more behind the scenes to make sure our summers and reunions at always memorable.

  • Name: Lizz Ward
  • Years at Camp Robin Hood: I just completed my 9th summer at camp
  • Position at Robin Hood: Office Manager is my title but I handle a great deal, from overseeing the infirm to making sure the yearbook is completed. I assist in the general operations of camp, plan 4th of July and the NYC Reunion among many other things. I also assist with camper recruitment and retention.
  • What’s Your Favorite Camp Memory: I have several. Most revolve around hiking with campers. My favorite though would have to be hiking Mt Washington one summer with the Foresters. I held back with a camper who wasn’t used to hiking and he wanted to quit so many times as he didn’t think that he could make it all the way. We made it to the top together and he was so proud of himself and that accomplishment. It meant a great deal to me that I was able to share that moment with him. That summer he even received most improved in Hiking!
  • Favorite place in the Realm: The Waterfront at sunset

“The bonds that campers make here can’t be found anywhere else. I am happy that I get to share in that with my children.” – Lizz


  • Favorite Camp Song, Quote or Food: I have always loved the Goodnight Song. The part that always stands out for me is the line “thy sons well guarded from all sorrows held firm in bonds of bright green hue” this is also painted on the back of the Boys Camp sign and it was one of the first things I remember about Robin Hood. I never fully understood it until my sons became campers and spent their summers here with their camp brothers. Camp is a safe place to be yourself and make lifelong friends. The bonds that campers make here can’t be found anywhere else. I am happy that I get to share in that with my children.
  • What does magic in the trees mean to you: I love watching a shy, timid camper come out of their shell at camp. We strive to always try new things and encourage our campers to do the same. The first time they jump off the tower at the waterfront, dance on stage in front of the whole camp, pick up a bow and arrow for the first time and hit the target. The smile on their face says it all. That to me is the magic in the trees.
  • Advice to young campersBe yourself! Camp is a safe place to be who you are without all the outside influences. 

You can learn more about The Brass, the leadership team at Camp Robin Hood, here. If you’d like to learn more about summers in The Realm and enrolling your child contact us today!

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