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Ailbhe O’Conner 

Hi All! I am back in Galway, Ireland and just graduated with my Masters in Finance. I recently began training as a business consultant for KPMG. I am also working hard to balance my new job with Premier League Basketball.

Favorite camp memory: Playing in the waves on Beach Day. I also enjoyed coaching the Archers at a basketball tournament at Indian Acres, it was so much fun! Last but certainly not least, I miss life in Siberia with the Bows and dancing in the Dining Hall at lunchtime! 

Jordan Lawrence 

Hi everybody, what a great summer! I am now living in Sydney, Australia working for a major bank. I love to spend my time at the beach, jogging along the costal paths, and of course lifting! I get camp sick when I think of the amazing kids who shared their summer with me and the awesome 2014 staff who worked hard to ensure a memorable summer for everybody.

Favorite camp memory: So many memories, but the one that sticks out for me is the cookout lead by the Saxons after hiking Mount Katahdin. Over 10 miles and 12 hours on the mountain and they still had the energy to make a really special dinner to celebrate their achievement. The Saxons of 2014 sure know how to grill a steak! 

Marj Kozloff 

This fall, I started my freshman year at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. I made the mistake of signing up for Organic Chemistry as a freshman, but still manage to make time to hang out with Gabe Gordon and the most honorable James Newmyer. After a summer of running around with the Quills, I’ve slowly readjusted to spending my time with people my own age. I still get my fill of hanging out with younger kids by tutoring local third graders in reading. Maybe Chuck will let me help out with the study group next summer!

Favorite camp memory: The highlight of my summer was bringing Christmas to camp mid-July. The Quills spent the day sporting red and green, listening to Christmas music, decorating the two little pine trees in front of the Dining Hall, and eating Christmas cookies.

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